Kryptonite was created in 2014 by high school friends, Victoria Race and Danielle Immerman.

Kryptonite is currently an online publication offering concert reviews, album/track reviews, interviews, playlists, and photos. The publication is present on several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Spotify.

In April 2015, the publication organized and sponsored the Kryptonite Music Festival at the world famous Cleveland Agora. Acts included Cities & Coasts, The Midnight Slander, Thundercougarfalconhawk, and Sophie Sand. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Cleveland Rocks Foundation.

Victoria continued to run the publication through college and is currently responsible for the overall vision and aesthetic of Kryptonite. Beyond running the publication and organizing the publication’s interviews and concert reviews, Victoria contributes to the magazine’s content as a writer and photographer.

Learn more about Victoria below and view the other contributing writers and photographers here.

Victoria Race

(Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Writer)

Victoria co-founded Kryptonite in 2014 as a project in high school. She organized the 2015 Kryptonite Music Festival at the renowned Cleveland Agora, and writes most of the interviews and live reviews for the publication. Victoria is a Cleveland native and in her spare time, she enjoys traveling and the visual arts. Her favorite artists include Banks, Moose Blood, Dear You, Milk & Bone, Matchbox 20/Rob Thomas, Phil Collins, The Smiths, and Citizen.

Fun fact: She collects ticket stubs and vinyl.

Find Victoria on Facebook, and Instagram.

Tomiko “Tommy” Sand

(Motivational Office Cat, Nuisance)

Victoria and Sophie were driving down i-480 on October 2nd for an IRONTOM show at House of Blues Cleveland. Along the way, Victoria spotted a small cat sprinting along 5 lanes of traffic. How did she spot that? We still don’t know.

Victoria turned the car around and circled back to the orphaned cat. At this time, this underweight cat had buried herself into a storm drain. Sophie tried luring the cat out with no success, she ended up reaching into the sewer and grabbing the flea-ridden, parasite-infested cutie pie.

She went home with Sophie, already named Tommy after the concert Victoria and Sophie were supposed to be covering. She was 0.9 pounds and 3 months old.

It took a few months for her to get rid of the fleas and parasites, to gain back all her weight, and to grow her full fur coat. Tommy learned how to be a cat and is now happily living with Sophie and her other rescue cats.

Fun fact: She doesn’t understand that the bell on her collar makes it impossible for her to hide/hunt.

Find Tommy on Instagram.

Interested in joining the Kryptonite Crew? Application can be found here. For any further questions, our general contact form can be found here.

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