Interview – Brett Saxon

Our next fill in the blanks come from folk singer-songwriter Brett Saxon. Like many striving artists today, Brett moved from the Midwest to NYC in order to further his career. Luckily, he’s found a few dependable musicians to back him in the city. His album, Review of the End, came out in late 2013 so I sent over some fill in the blanks to learn more about Brett and his music. After reading his responses, check out the recent music video below for the track titled “Charlotte’s Current.”


Three words I’d use to describe myself are….Hardworking, Fun, Easy Going.

My favorite season is….Fall

I knew I wanted to pursue music when….When I was rehearsing for my big saxophone solo for my 6th grade recital. (I played the Pocohantas theme song)

The first song I wrote was….Big Red – by Best Friend Tom.

I decided to move to the city….I was on a big Bob Dylan kick in 2006-07, and toured out and played one show at Kenny’s Castaway, as soon as I got back to Minnesota I was counting down the days and ways to get back to NYC as soon as possible.

My favorite song of all time is….I think it’s a Third Eye Blind song.

I’m currently listening to….I forget where we were – Ben Howard

I find inspiration from….People, experiencing life, my friends, my family, traveling.

One thing I want you to remember while listening to my music is….This probably would sound better if I were stoned.

My favorite track from Review of the End is…. “Would Be So Easy”

For fun I like to….Shoot pool

Something odd I want fans to know about me is….I enjoy wearing a mustache.

My last meal would be….Didn’t that one guy on death row for eating people request a baby just recently?

In the next six months you should expect….A new EP, touring around the east/southeast, SXSW.

My favorite words to live by are…. ”Hustle hard, play hard.”

– Victoria

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