Spotlight on Ohio Sky

Formed five years ago, Ohio Sky is a Cleveland-based rock band that pulls the best elements of pop, rock, and indie music to create a distinctive sound of their own.  Influenced by “watching high speed footage in slow motion”, it’s evident that the band’s unique take on life enables them to create music that pushes the boundaries of mundane normalcy.

ohio sky

Ohio Sky, voted “Best Rock Band” of 2013 during the Cleveland Scene Music Awards, clearly has experience crafting their work into a masterpiece with the release of their 2013 EP, This House Is Old and Full of Ghosts, and their 2012 album, Curses.  With 2014 coming to a close, Ohio Sky will be plunging into the new year with the January 24th release of their new album, The Big Distraction.  Produced by the band, engineered at Suma Recording Studios, and released by Cellar Door Records, The Big Distraction is an album straight out of Ohio that does this state proud.  Though Ohio Sky’s previous work is laudable, The Big Distraction is ground breaking, as demonstrated by their single, “The Big Distraction” .  Clearly the sky is not Ohio Sky’s limit, because “The Big Distraction” pushes all boundaries with its spiraling melodies, high-sounding rhythms reminiscent of U2, and emotionally ridden lyrics that add a personal connection to the song.  It’s evident that the band’s sound has matured since the release of their EP, This House Is Old and Full of Ghosts, because their new music has a level of confidence that permeates through their music in a way that wasn’t present in the past.

Experience the greatness that is Ohio Sky on January 24th at the House of Blues when they release The Big Distraction.  Tickets are on sale now for $10 and you can purchase them right here — trust me, you’re going to want to join us at this show because Ohio Sky and The Big Distraction is a force to be reckoned with.



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