Interview – The Weekend Riot

The Weekend Riot is a pop duo from Philadelphia, PA. Members Johnny Costa and Bruce Wiegner fill their music with beautiful harmonies and catchy lyrics. They upload videos to their YouTube channel once a week – typically cover songs or Q&A sessions. In 2014, Costa and Wiegner recorded their debut single with the help of producer Ace Enders. “25 Minutes” was released this past December. Learn more about The Weekend Riot from their responses and check out the lyric video for their single below.


Three words we’d use to describe us are….Pop, Party, Pringles

The meaning/story behind our name The Weekend Riot is…. We wanted a name that represented exactly we are all about: Having a good time.  Just letting go and leaving all troubles aside.  Our shows are usually a Riot that ends with us being escorted off the premises.

We met each other….In 2008 at a local show in Hamilton, NJ.  The venue was a bowling alley and we bonded over a 7 – 10 split.

The pickiest eater is…. Bruce.  Always Bruce.

The most OCD member is…. Bruce.  Always Bruce.

For fun we like to….Do music, which is pretty much 99.9% of our lives.  The other .1% is usually netflix, eating & watching Bruno Mars youtube videos.

We’re currently listening to….Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk (such a jam), T-Swift – 1989, 1D – Four

We find inspiration from….Everyday experiences.  We like to write songs that have true meaning to us.  Inspiration comes in many different ways: relationships, weird parties, summer nights and anything that makes you go “hmm..”

Something we learned from working in the studio on “25 Minutes” is….We can totally be ourselves on a song.  This was the first song we just let go and had fun and let our personalities shine.

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is….Let us be your escape.  Life can be tough & exhausting, so if we can help people escape that and enjoy themselves for even just 3 minutes, we did our job.

Something odd we want our fans to know about us is….We are both single ; )

Our favorite covers are…. One Direction – Stockholm Syndrome; We filmed this in an overpass above a train station and the scenery & acoustics came out amazing.

We’re absolutely terrified of….

  • “Being shocked. I HATE being shocked more than anything.” (Bruce)
  • “Making left hand turns” (Johnny)

Our last meals would be….

  • Chickfila with a large Iced Coffee (Bruce)
  • A big ‘ol Surf & Turf (Johnny)

In the next six months you should expect….An EP, loads of touring & tons of new videos. Thanks so much!




– Victoria

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