Twenty One Pilots : “Fairly Local” & “Tear In My Heart”

Twenty One Pilots, the fresh pop duo from Columbus, Ohio recently announced the upcoming release of their next full length Blurryface. With the announcement of the record, Tyler and Josh released two singles titled “Fairly Local” and “Tear In My Heart.”


Previous releases have caused Twenty One Pilots to become known for pushing the boundaries of the pop genre and “Fairly Local” is no different. It’s nothing like their last record, Vessel, or their self-titled 2009 release.

“Fairly Local” is a definitely darker than their radio hit “House of Gold” and popular track “Car Radio.” The deep drum beat and heavy synth grabbed my attention immediately. Even though this is not their best work lyrically, the track still embodies that dark and unsettling feeling fans have come to know and love.

“Tear In My Heart” immediately brought me back to the quirky tracks of their self-titled record. It’s arguably the exact opposite of “Fairly Local” and distinctly reminds me of “House of Gold.” I would not be surprised if this track became the hit of the upcoming record. Twenty One Pilots also released a music video for “Tear In My Heart” featuring the newly married vocalist Tyler Joseph and his wife.

Musically, the duo is fearless and these tracks definitely prove that they’re taking this project to a bigger and better place. I cannot wait to hear the rest of Blurryface when it hits stores on May 19th. In the meantime, be sure to check out the videos for “Fairly Local” and “Tear In My Heart” below.




– Victoria

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