Interview – Brian Lisik

The following fill in the blank responses come from Brian Lisik of Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates. The 5-piece rock band is based in Akron, Ohio and recently released their latest record, Curtisinterruptedus. It is a follow-up to the 2012 release, The Mess That Money Could Buy, and consists of 14 tracks. My favorites include “Chaos is a Friend of Mine” and “Normalcy.” Learn more about Lisik from his responses below and be sure to check out the album on his website.


Three words I’d use to describe myself are….Simplistic, complex, paradoxical

I find inspiration from….Other people’s mistakes.

I knew I wanted to pursue music when….I got my first real job.

For fun I like to….Listen to my guitar player, Ray Flanagan, talk about cows.

I’m currently listening to….Tom Waits’ Closing Time album, a track from the new Waylon 55 Live album, and Traci Lords’ 1995 hit, “Control.”

The first song I wrote was….Something no one should ever hear. It was a very white-sounding Chuck Berry rip-off ode to my Dad’s 1969 Chevy Impala.  I haven’t written a song about a car since, I don’t believe.

Curtisinterruptedus was recorded in….Canton, Ohio, at Studio 521, with the stupendous hands and ears of engineer/producer Benjamin Payne at the helm.

One thing I want you to remember while listening to my music is….How much money I spent making it.  No, wait, that is what I remember.  You should remember how wonderful it sounds and what a great buy it was.

My craziest or most memorable gig was….Wow, our CD release show last month has to rank up there – lots of great guest artists like Rachel Roberts, Curtis Henderson and Kevin Junior from the Chamber Strings; a full house of people who actually paid attention and laughed at my stupid jokes; and a band – Steve Norgrove, Ray Flanagan, Craig Lisik, and Tim Longfellow – that is hands-down the best bunch I’ve ever had the pleasure to share a stage with.

My favorite tracks to play live include….Definitely “The Beekeper,” “Normalcy” and “St. Patrick’s Day” from the new record.  And “I’m Satisfied,” “Small Town Royal Family,” “Michele,” “Helicopters,” and “The Outskirts” always seem to come off really well too.

Something odd I want my fans to know about me is….Most of the “odd” things I hope they DON’T find out.  But I am allergic to bananas.  So please don’t offer to buy me a banana when I get off stage.  I appreciate the sentiment, but…

My last meal would be….Take-out.

I’m absolutely terrified of….Eating my last meal.

Official Website


– Victoria

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