Interview – Colour The Atlas

The following fill in the blanks come from alternative/trip hop band, Colour The Atlas. This UK quartet consists of members Jess, Andy, Alex & Stefan. They draw influence from other artists including Radiohead, Alt-J, and Pink Floyd. Learn more about Colour The Atlas from their responses and keep an eye out their for upcoming releases. In the meantime, watch their recently released music video for their single “Scared” below.


Three words we’d use to describe us are….Emotive, trip-hop, chilled

The story/meaning behind our name Colour The Atlas ….We’re all pretty set on traveling and seeing the world, and being able to do that through music would be incredible. I have this map, when you travel or visit a new country, you colour in that area, so I guess colour the atlas symbolizes that and kind of reminds us of our goal.

We met each other….I’ve (Jess) known Stefan for around 13 years, and we’ve been best buddies since. I met Alex and Andy as they were in Stefans old band and I was their number 1 fan… Still remember every single word.. And I kind of stole them all for my own band… Woops.

The pickiest eater is…. Jess… Without a doubt. If it ain’t’ chicken, I’m not interested 🙂

The most OCD member is…. Alex. Never have I ever seen a man wash his hands so thoroughly.

For fun we like to…. I want to be a good role model and say something like ‘for fun we spend time outdoors planting trees’ or something. But.. For fun, we drink lots and go to gigs. *queue the rockstar pose.

We’re currently listening to…. Hiatus Kaiyote! Incredible stuff!

Our favorite tracks to play live are…. At the moment we all enjoy playing “Look Inside” the most, just because we can go a bit crazy and really get into it. But we’re working on some new material that we can’t wait to show you!!

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is…. That it is yours to make whatever you want of. When we write, It’s inspired by our lives and heart ache and things that we as humans all experience, but when you listen to it, it can be interpreted in a way that fits your life and is personal to you. And that’s what I love about song writing, If it makes you feel something, we’ve done our job.

Our craziest or most memorable gig was…. We’ve had a few weird ones… Brixton academy was awesome. And the whole of the UK and Ireland tour that we did with Newton Faulkner was mad. Especially Liverpool… If you guys ever come over to Liverpool you’re in for a treat…

Something odd we want our fans to know about us is….Jess sleep walks, sleep talks and sleep sings. Andy has a tattoo on his ass, Stefan can’t quite grow a mustache but can grow a mighty fine beard, and Alex jumps out of planes for fun.

We’re absolutely terrified of….

  • Clowns (Stef)
  • Slippery floors (Jess)
  • Jelly fish (Alex)
  • Milk (Andy)

Our last meals would be….Fajitas all the way…. Love Mexican.

In the next six months you should expect….Brand spanking new music, gigs, videos, And hopefully we’ll visit the States!!!



– Victoria

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