Interview – Pleasure House

Pleasure House, a promising Birmingham “indie dance pop” quartet, consists of members Alex Heffernan (lead vocals and guitar), Abbas Shah (lead guitar), Jon Moore (bass) and James Burgess (drums). Since their formation in spring of 2014, the band has become known for their youthful and infectious rhythms. Pleasure House’s strong pop and indie influences are prominent in their latest, euphoric release “Sunrise.” Learn more about Pleasure House from their responses and be sure to check out the music video for “Sunrise” below.


Three words we’d use to describe us are….Delicious, Dirty and Dancey

The story/meaning behind our name Pleasure House is….We were all waiting for a bus in Birmingham and sat by us was an old lady, she was reading a book… On closer inspection we realised it was one of those 80s porno books called “The House of Pleasure”. She gave us a cheeky wink when we realised and we all burst out laughing, it stuck with us. We loved how the essence of youth wasn’t lost with age.

We met each other….Me and Alex had met at teen house parties when emo fringes were all the rage. We came across Jon whilst he was selling week old flowers at a car boot sale. He came to jam with us the next day. He finally started to pick and sell fresh flowers, they were a true hit with the locals. As we formed a band we started hanging out and went for a hill top walk. We found Abbas in a cave by a river singing mysterious hymns, from that moment we knew he needed to be our guitarist

The pickiest eater is…None of us, we all love food, especially curry. It’s the taste of our Jams.

The most OCD member is….By far Jon, he’s always doing house work. We call him grounds keeper willy.

For fun we like to….We love a night out in our local Sutton town where we’ve became known for our drinking game called “the quest”. Other than that sometimes Abbas and Alex go for a spot of hot air ballooning on a Wednesday afternoon. They tend to settle somewhere green and enjoy a quaint picnic.

We’re currently listening to…. “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye. No lie me and Jon are sitting in the van listening to it now answering your questions.

“Sunrise” was recorded in….Priory Studios by Greg Chandler, a local legend!

Something we learned from releasing “Sunrise” is….Making music videos can be incredibly fun, especially when you get to do two all nighters in a row.

Our favorite tracks to play live are….Our next single “Like A Drug” is our favourite. The place starts raving!

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is….Our very purpose is to paint a despondent sky with colour.

Our craziest or most memorable gig was….James’s birthday… We opened the set by throwing out cups and pouring out shots for people. The energy didn’t stop for that gig!

We’re absolutely terrified of….Goths and prawn cocktail crisps

Our last meals would be….Goths and prawn cocktail crisps! Ha ha

In the next six months you should expect….New music and fresh haircuts!



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