Huxlee : Teammate

Huxlee, the recording project of LA-based musician Caitlin Notey, released a new EP on the 13th of July.




The EP’s title track, “Teammate,” shows Huxlee’s alternative side with strong lead vocals and deep upright bass chords. This track will take you through two minutes of the pure feeling of power and control. It sticks to a steady drum beat, easily able to be felt through one’s veins.

The second track, “22,” is a slower ballad with a soothing acoustic guitar and relaxing backtracks mixed in throughout. It’s a song you could put on after a long day and just blare through the speakers.

“Aftertaste,” the third track, gives off more of a coffee shop vibe. The upright bass from “Teammate” returns, bringing the EP full circle.

The final track on Huxlee’s EP, “If I Don’t Get On Tv,” is another song for a long day. The calming vocals and elongated riffs could turn any rough day positive.

Be sure to keep an eye on Huxlee and listen to Teammate below.



Official Website | Facebook | Twitter


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