BoyMeetsWorld : Become Someone

BoyMeetsWorld, a pop-rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio, recently released their debut album titled Become Someone. This record features twelve strong punk tracks.


Become Someone starts off hardcore punk from the very first chord. Become Someone relates back to their 2013 album Do What’s Best for You with the heavy guitar riffs and strong drum fills.

Their fourth track, “Moving On”, touches onto their pop side of pop-punk as it brings out a ponderous bass. The track slows down with a soothing piano riff only to pick up quickly once more with the dense guitar.

“Best You’ve Ever Had” reminds one of Real Friends and All Time Low, with an acoustic track in the breakdown before filling back out to the guitar riffs they’ve done so well.

BoyMeetsWorld just finished a packed summer with Vans Warped Tour, and are now touring with 7 Minutes In Heaven from September to October.

 boymeetsworld tour

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