Interview – Jamie Walker

The following fill in the blank responses come from UK-based artist, Jamie Walker. This Hertfordshire singer-songwriter is influenced by artists including Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Meadowlark, Ed Sheeran, and Bon Iver. Walker released The Unknown EP in 2013 which consists of four captivating songs. The music video for his single “Alive” was released last September. Learn more about Walker and his plans for the rest of 2015 below. Don’t forget to check out his youtube channel and video for his latest singles “Home Again” and “Alive.”

PP update

Three words I’d use to describe myself are….Spontaneous, thoughtful, energetic

My favorite season is…. Winter – nothing quite like a crisp morning, warm jumpers and log fires.

The first song I wrote was…. A simple and terrible piano ballad called “Sitting Upon Stars.” I can’t listen to it now without literally cringing!

I knew I wanted to become a musician when…. I realised how rewarding it was to write a song and then perform it live – to create something from nothing and for others to appreciate. I was about 13 when I wrote my first ever songs, and my writing/performing went from there.

I find inspiration from….Listening to and kind of breaking down a whole catalogue of favourite artist’s work that I like. It’s sometimes just a melody, or texture, or emotion that’ll inspire me. But also from myself – I’ve learnt a lot about the kind of music I enjoy writing and self reflection is a really useful way to progress and develop.

For fun I like to…. Snowboard (LOVE snow), hang out with friends over drinks, any form of motor sport!

Something I hope to accomplish as a musician is…. Release an album that summarises everything I want to convey, and everything that I am musically, and to then put on a headline tour straight after.

I’m currently listening to…. Oh Wonder’s debut album – they are simply fantastic. So many incredible things happen within this record.

My favorite songs of all time include…. (Sorry can’t really answer this!! Just too many songs and don’t have a favourite really!)

The Unknown was recorded in…. 2013 in my bedroom! I had a really limited set-up and cheap headphones to mix on, but I think it came out okay, despite the roughness!

My favorite tracks to play live include….

  • Mine: “Alive” and “Home Again” (yet to be released)
  • Covers: Bonnie Raite “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” and Jamie Cullum cover “Pure Imagination”

One thing I want you to remember while listening to my music is…. I mean everything I say. I only hope people feel what I felt when writing or performing the track.

Something odd I want my fans to know about me is…. I have a thing for colourful socks.

My last meal would be…. Breakfast: weetabix with raisins and a banana.

I’m absolutely terrified of…. Anything paranormal. Literally freaks the hell out of me.

In the next six months you should expect…. Another EP, and a big show with a full set up!




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