Playlist : ‘January \\ 2016’

January is a weird month because we all have huge hopes and dreams for the next fifty-two weeks, even though we all know we’ll give them up by the second week in.

When I was making this playlist, I was in the middle of nowhere in a small car cruising down I-70 trying to think happy thoughts. I was trying to get a cheerful vibe throughout this January playlist, something that would give me (along with you) motivation to get out of bed thirty minutes earlier or to the gym four times a week or maybe to smile a little more.

It’s a weird mix, going from the soothing tones of Wolf Alice to the heavy drum kit of Awolnation, but I guess life is a bit of a weird mix, too.

I’ve been obsessed with Modern Baseball lately, I simply know it’s the best way to start a playlist with Brendan Taylor’s voice breaking through the lower guitar riffs and dropping with every break of the beat. I had to add my mains Paramore on after a great friend of mine shoved the beautiful Hayley Williams back into my face (I often question why I ever took her out of my music library).

I ended this January playlist with Cayucas, their indie-vibe giving you the energy to get you through the first month of 2016.

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