Review: Say Anything with mewithoutYou, Teen Suicide & Museum Mouth

Last Tuesday at the Cleveland House of Blues, Sophie and I stopped in to see Say Anything with mewithoutYou, Teen Suicide and Museum Mouth.

Museum Mouth opened the show with a few jokes and an energized set. The trio hails from Wilmington, North Carolina and is comprised of members Karl Keuhn (drums/vocals), Graham High (guitar), and Kory Urban (bass). My favorite track from their set was entitled “Alex Impulse,” about ‘falling in love with a straight man.’ I also loved their track  “Incubus Tattoo” about Karl’s love for Incubus and the tattoo he got on his upper right arm to prove it. They also played their tracks, “Drool” and “Hell Hawk.”

Baltimore’s Teen Suicide was up next. My favorite track was entitled “Alex” which is from the band’s new record It’s the Big Joyous Celebration, Lets Stir the Honeypot, released on April 1st. Apparantly mewithoutYou begged Teen Suicide to play a cover of “Handlebars” by the Flobots. It was magical. Another highlight from their set was the performance of their track “God.”

MewithoutYou followed with their unique approach. Vocalist Aaron Weiss broke out his accordion for a song or two and even broke up a fight during the set. Some of my favorite tracks were ‘Disaster Tourism’ and ‘Wolf Am I! (and Shadow).’ The highlight of their set was definitely the final song, “Rainbow Signs,” which has a great intro and awesome dynamics.

Finally, Sophie and I got to catch a little of Say Anything’s set. They began with their track “Give a Damn” which was followed by “Say Anything.” Highlights from their set included their inclusion of older tracks such as “John McClane,” the first track from their album Hebrews. Later on, the band also performed fan favorite “Everyone Has A Molly,” which was released 12 years ago. The crowd really enjoyed singing along to
“My Greatest Fear Is Splendid” and others from the new record, I Don’t Think It Is.

Check out more of Sophie’s shots in our gallery.

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