News: Modern Baseball Cares About You

On May 25th, Modern Baseball, a four-piece rock band from Philadelphia, announced a hotline where fans can call or text for help if they’re feeling unsafe, uncomfortable or if someone around them is acting inappropriately at their shows.


The group was inspired after seeing other bands progressive nature towards assisting fans (such as Speedy Ortiz’s similar concert hotline and PWR BTTM’s gender-neutral bathroom policy) along with feedback on Twitter about strange or upsetting times after gigs.

To announce it, Modern Baseball teamed up with Marissa Paternoster from Screaming Females to make a very endearing pastel animated message.

The hotline is such a great gift as it can assist much further than a security guard pulling you out of a general admission pit. If you or someone else around you is facing any discrimination, being harassed in one way or another or needing help under any circumstances, the hotline is an easy way to contact someone for assistance. Since it goes to the band’s team first, this could also help in situations where someone is being mistreated by venue staff.

According to guitarist and vocalist Jake Ewald, it’s still in the learning from experience phase at the moment due to the newness of it all but a hotline like this holds so much hope. Especially for disabled fans, fans of color, and fans identifying on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum who may encounter specific kinds of issues at shows like dealing with micro-aggression and marginalized offenses.

Along with the hotline, the band has added that they plan to follow in PWR BTTM’s footsteps and have gender-neutral bathrooms on every stop of the Holy Ghost tour – fingers crossed that they’ll be accessible.

Modern Baseball and bands alike are doing wonders for a new movement to make venues and shows more safe and comfortable for everyone and while there is still quite a way to go, this seems to be part of a beautiful start.

Modern Baseball are currently on tour, find out their dates here!


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