Review: The 1975 with Wolf Alice & Japanese House

Sophie and I recently travelled down to Columbus to see The 1975 perform with Wolf Alice and The Japanese House at EXPRESS LIVE! (formerly the LC Pavillion). 

The Japanese House opened the show with an awesome set that included tracks such as “Letter By The Water” and “Clean.” I was super excited to hear they would be touring with The 1975. Though not many people seemed familiar with their music, I found them to perfectly compliment Wolf Alice and The 1975. The highlight of The Japanese House’s set was the performance of the band’s single, “Cool Blue.” They finished up their set with the performance of “Still.”

Wolf Alice was up next with their synchronized dancing and intense vocals. Their set included the performance of tracks such as “You’re A Germ,” and “Giant Peach.” My favorite track was definitely “Bros.” We had a chance to see the band perform late last year at the Grog Shop in Cleveland. It was very cool to see them on a larger stage this go around and the outdoor environment had a different but positive effect on their music.

Finally The 1975 came out to perform their lengthy, ethereal set. We knew the show would be fun from the beginning when security paused their set before the end of the second song due to a rowdy crowd. Vocalist Matty Healy stated, “This is not how we like to start a show – if someone falls, you pick them up and give them a kiss,” followed by “Okay Columbus Ohio let’s have a fucking party.” 

The most impressive part of their set was the lighting and programmed LED screens. Their set included tracks such as “UGH!,” “A Change Of Heart,” “She’s American,” and “Loving Someone.” Another memorable moment was the performance of their track “Me,” during which Matty requested all cell phones to be put away. “I promise these next five minutes will be more memorable than any video on your fucking phone.” 

The end of their set was comprised of tracks including “Somebody Else,” “Paris,” and “Girls.”

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