Emily Vaughn : “What Do You Want”

Nashville’s ever-expanding music scene has a distinctive new addition to it: synth pop queen Emily Vaughn. She first caught my attention with the release of her single “Better Off” in August, and since then, I’ve been mildly obsessed with her melodic, syrupy voice. Emily just dropped her latest single, “What Do You Want”, on Friday, May 20. Featuring empowering lyrics, an upbeat tune, and insanely powerful vocals, “What Do You Want” simply left me wanting new Emily Vaughn music, ASAP.

The track itself begins with a synth-infused repetition of the words “go away” over and over again, which seemed the slightest bit strange at first, but as the song continued, I realized what it was about. After facing emotional abuse in the music industry, Vaughn wrote this song as a message for artists who were subject to the same struggles she faced. It progressed into a bubbly, pop anthem with a metaphorical middle finger towards the people she was hurt by.

By the end of the song, you get a sense of Vaughn’s songwriting skills, impressive vocal range, and ability to perform, as well an idea of just how strong she is – as a musician and as a person. I look forward to hearing more from Emily Vaughn. Be sure to check out the new single, “What Do You Want”, below!

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