News: One Week Since Grimmie’s Passing

by Lu Laurent

After Before You Exit’s Orlando show at The Plaza Live on June 10th, opening artist Christina Grimmie (22) was fatally shot while selling merchandise, signing autographs, and meeting fans.

The shooter was tackled to the ground immediately by Grimmie’s brother, Marcus, taking their own life as well while Marcus and all other individuals involved remained unharmed. Fans and others around the world bound together, making hashtags such as #PrayForChristina trend on twitter until at almost 3 A.M EST.

Authorities confirmed the worst, changing the tag to #RIPChristina which trended worldwide for twelve consecutive hours. The heartbreaking incident has also sparked discussions about topics like making shows safer and how to go about such.

Christina started her public journey through music when she began posting to YouTube at the age of 15 in 2009 under the username Zeldaxlove64, starting it all with a cover of Hannah Montana’s “Don’t Wanna Be Torn”.

From Paramore medleys, Fall Out Boy/Alicia Keys mashups, and a series compiled of ridiculous uses of autotune. To opening for Selena Gomez and appearing on Ellen, it was clear Christina was truly talented.

She would later go on to release two extended plays, a debut album and make the final three on her season of The Voice amongst so much more.

Christina had the sweetest soul and was a breathtaking artist, constantly showing love and support to fans and communicating with them, even going as far to comfort a fan whose mother recently passed.

This is written with such a heavy heart and all the love you could even imagine, Christina was so near and dear to so many people. She emitted light, positivity and strength every day, she was a truly unforgettable person and endlessly impactful.

Her voice and music was so important and will remain that way until the end of time, along with her special soul. Christina was a gateway to the music world, life long friendships, priceless memories and bright, joyful moments for countless people.

I wouldn’t give up a second I spent staying up until midnight for new music or videos from her, she was a gift and I will always feel forever blessed.

Thoughts remain with family, friends and fans during this extremely difficult event. You can reminiscence on some of the internet’s favorite moments of Christina through Youtube’s memorial playlist for her.

In the midst of all this tragedy, you can also donate to the Grimmie family through a gofundme set up for them. May the world become safer and stay just as bright during this trying time.

Our love remains with the family, friends, and fans. 

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