Review: Banks 

by Victoria Race

This past Monday, Sophie and I headed down to the Cleveland Agora to see Banks perform a hot and sweaty set to a packed ballroom. Her mysterious set began with some choreographed dancing under a deep red glow. The band opened with “Poltergeist,” which was followed by hit after hit including “Fuck with myself” and one of my personal favorites, “Gemini Feed.”


Highlights from the night included her performance of “Trainwreck” with its prominent lyrics and infectious beat, and an ethereal performance of her track “This Is What It Feels Like.” Banks dedicated the track to ‘everyone that’s been with her since day one,’ making sure to walk across the stage and interact with the crowd. Her dancers emerged later on in the set to perform another hit, “Mind Games.”

“It feels like such an intimate space tonight, like I can feel everyone in this room.”



After requesting that the crowd put away their phones, the band performed an extended version of “Better,” which was followed by my absolute favorite track, “Drowning.” She finished up her set with veiled dancers and the performance of “Judas” and her older hit, “Beggin for Thread.”

Check out more of Sophie’s photos here.


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