Interview – Future Thieves

by Victoria Race

Alt-rock trio Future Thieves will be performing at the Grog Shop in Cleveland tonight, September 6th. The band will be releasing a new EP this fall and touring around the States. Learn more about the band from the interview below and be sure to check them out before their show tonight in Cleveland! More information and tickets for tonight’s show can be found here.

Photo by Andrew Fannin

Three words to describe the band?

Cleveland’s Favorite Idiots

Who is the pickiest eater?

Austin has been off carbs since the 80’s, but we will all vacuum up anything in front of us. We try and find some local goodies wherever we go. Tons of Asian food, and Nick isn’t afraid to squirt some hot bagged cheese on a corn dog at a gas station. 

What is the story behind the band’s name, Future Thieves?

Elliot came up with the name when he was in LA writing and recording before the band was even formed. We liked how it sounded and just rolled with it. Also, only one other company had the name at the time, and it was a ladies underwear brand. So, for a while the google results for Future Thieves were articles about us and pictures of ladies in underwear. 

Favorite 90’s jam?

“Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman  

How would you describe your writing process?

Almost all our demos start from us plugging in and playing. Usually someone will have a riff or just start bashing something out. Elliot generally creates the melody as we play through and piece different parts together instrumentally. Then from the demo we record for real at home and inevitably change some stuff up here and there as we hear the sounds come together. 

How has your music transformed since your early releases?

We recorded our first record at Nick and Austin’s house in the basement. We recorded a lot of other great artists there as well, producing, writing, and playing their tunes with them. We developed our skills down there and got familiar with a DIY recording process. The first record sounds just like that…plugging in and getting loud sounds into the computer. Then our self-titled LP allowed for a more creative process, recording at the famed Sonic Ranch in El Paso with all kinds of fun synths and gear. So, we went for a lush sound with lots of layers and ear candy. This current EP coming out this Fall is full of things from both of those worlds. There’s organic drums and guitars and there’s some sampled beats and synths. We will always make different music, it would be boring otherwise. 

Can you talk about the inspiration behind “Horizon Line”?

Horizon Line is a collection of songs we wrote and played on the road extensively in the early days. The songs all revolve around high energy and layered guitars. We loved Elliot’s melodies and writing music to them, so it practically wrote itself. The song “Horizon Line” itself is the middle of the road as far as that record goes. Simple melodies with a solid groove, a driving tune. 

How often and how long do you practice together?

We definitely don’t over practice. Before a tour we will hit the set hard with a few interludes here and there to make for a smooth set.  

Do you play covers at practices or shows? If so, which ones are your favorites?

We haven’t played many covers, it’s not our favorite thing to do. We’ve covered “California” by Delta Spirit, and “Pyro” by Kings of Leon. But this Fall you might hear one! 

Have you performed in Cleveland before? What are you excited for?

We played Wilbert’s by the Indians’ stadium back in the day. There were 3 people there. One was the sound guy and he was half asleep. Think it was a cold Tuesday as well. That was a looooong way back in our early touring days. Austin said the salmon was lovely. We have a ton of plays on Spotify in Cleveland, so maybe that sound guy will bring one of his buddies this time around. 

What do you typically do post-gig?

If we are able to hang for a bit, we love to see our friends and fans who support us. Toss back a couple of adult bevs before we throw the gear in the trailer. Then it’s on the road to look for a drive thru that can heave some burgers into the van window before the hotel. 

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

Honestly, the biggest challenge is just being patient. We spend so much time recording and writing, then sometimes those songs won’t come out for what seems like an eternity. Tour dates get booked way in advance, building the team takes a lot of time, etc. So, our focus usually comes back to keeping our heads down, writing, and touring hard. 

Are aliens real?

Does Peyton Manning love Gatorade?

What can we expect from Future Thieves in the coming months?

We’ve got a 6 song EP releasing throughout the Fall as we tour the States. A run through the Midwest and up to New York and back in September, then out to support The Weeks in October out west and back. Tons of touring and new music, the usual!

Future Thieves : Official Website | Facebook | Twitter

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