The Empires : How Good Does It Feel?

Empires is a four-piece band from Chicago with a very unique but familiar sound. Lead singer Sean Van Vleet’s voice is deep and rebellious which resembles Bono from U2. Sean’s voice gives every song a haunting tone which creates most of the band’s unique sound. Without vocals it is easily compared to bands such as the 1975 or Coldplay.


Empires recently released a 2014 EP named How Good Does It Feel?  Consisting of only 4 songs, it is more upbeat than what we are used to. “Hostage” is definitely the hit of the EP and gets people dancing with its strong drum beat and beginning guitar riff. These new songs have solidity but also personality. They feature meaningful lyrics but are easy to get lost in. This quality makes them perfect to play on a nice summer day or late-night car ride. The new music is intriguing and I can’t wait until another full-length is released.

The band also created a music video for “How Good Does It Feel?” and has been touring and promoting their new music the entire year. They toured with Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s and will be preforming at many festivals this summer. Check their website at for tour dates and the new EP.

– Victoria Race

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