Review: The Arctic Monkeys

Sometimes it’s unpleasant to see a show at Jacob’s Pavilion (Nautica) because it is outdoors. Sound quality can be poor which is exactly what happened tonight at the Arctic Monkeys concert. The band sounded great live but it often got difficult to hear exactly what they were playing. In other words, the instruments were projected and masked the vocals. The only time you could hear vocals clearly was when the band played more mellow tunes. During the show, the band never truly stopped to talk or briefly say anything to the crowd either. It was a very formal approach to a concert that so many young people attended and therefore lacked some connection.


The best part about the show was the nice weather and staging. Early summer is the best time to see shows at Nautica because it’s temperate and therefore more enjoyable. Before the band emerged from the side of the stage, fog rolled out into the audience. White and subtle orange lights cast an eerie glow over the crowd as creepy introductory music was played. The band opened with their arguably largest number “Do I Wanna Know?” that got the crowd roaring immediately. Swinging arms and dancing bodies filled the pit below the bleachers before they even finished the song. Just before the second, the squiggle backdrop lit up. This is pictured on the front of their latest album, AM, which features both letters hidden in the center.


Their latest album AM is conceivably their best one yet but they are still tuning and developing their unique sound. They aren’t quite a rock band but they definitely aren’t indie either. AM is a corrupt and angsty album about sex, drugs, detachment, and irritation. It draws the attention of a younger crowd which swarmed the venue tonight. Most people were under the age of 30 and many were young students. This album should be regarded as the beginning of this band’s journey. They seem to have a bright and successful future ahead of them and many yearning and loyal fans to support them along the way.



– Victoria Race

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