Interview – Behind the Fallen

We are happy to introduce our first featured band, Behind the Fallen, an unsigned hard rock band from Southern California. This 5-piece band consists of Johnny Presley (vocals), David Bruno (guitar/vocals), Kyle Ort (guitar), Chris Khaos (bass), and Stevie Peralta (drums). Their influences include bands such as Falling in Reverse, Pantera, Of Mice & Men, and Asking Alexandria. Johnny started the band in 2011 and they released their album Pages of the Past in 2013. The album consists of 6 very dynamic songs with a variety of breakdowns that evoke different emotions. A music video was released last year for “You’re Just a Friend” and has over 17k views on their YouTube channel. Behind the Fallen loves to push the genre limits and provide us with angsty, sensitive and passionate music. They won Warped Tour’s 2014 Battle of the Bands earlier this summer so I caught up with them and asked them to fill in the blanks.



The pickiest eater in the band is…. Stevie, he practically orders a hamburger plain with nothing on it.

The most OCD member is…. Johnny, lead singers right?!? haha.

We knew we’d become a band once…. we found all the members. Everything flowed smoothly shortly after and we just felt the chemistry.

For fun we like to…. just hang out at our favorite local bars, Johnny’s Saloon and Slidebar.

The first song we wrote was…. One Last Chance. That song embodies what direction we were trying to go in, it’s a good mix of heavy and poppy which provided a good blueprint of where we wanted to go as a band.

Our sound is best described as…. a good mixture of modern hard rock and alternative. We all have different influences in our band but we found a good medium in our style.

Pages of the Past was recorded in…. 2012 at Grey Area Studios with Erik Ron. It was a great experience, Erik really pushed us in the right direction and helped us all become better musicians.

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is…. just to have fun. There are so many things that just remind us of our daily struggles, and we want our music to just be a release from that.

If we play another band’s music it’s…. rare. We normally don’t play or cover any other band’s songs. If we do, we try to pick songs that no one would expect and change it into our genre.

Our craziest or most memorable gig was…. the night we won our battle of the bands for Warped Tour. It was at a House of Blues in Anaheim CA. The crowd that night was singing our songs as loud as the PA and that blew our minds!

The furthest we’ve ever traveled for a gig is…. Indiana. We traveled out there to be direct support for Trapt at a Jamboree Festival.

Our largest audience was…. a couple thousand people at the Jamboree Festival in Indiana.

We’re currently listening to…. Asking Alexandria, Avenged Sevenfold, Of Mice & Men, and Crown The Empire.

Winning Warped Tour’s 2014 Battle of the Bands was…. a great experience. We all worked very hard and to see it pay off was very rewarding. To play Warped Tour was a blast and we hope to play more dates next year.

This fall, you should expect from us…. a due date for new music! We’ll be hitting the studio with Logan Mader to record our new EP. Also, we’ll be releasing our cover song very soon, and of course, playing shows!

– Victoria Race

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