Interview – The Perfect Addiction

Danielle and I are happy to share with you our second featured band, The Perfect Addiction. They began as an acoustic duo in 2010 consisting of Sean Silvestro (vocals, guitar) and Kyle Kovalchick (vocals, guitar). After working together in Arizona for couple of years, they decided to become a 4-piece band and enlisted Trevor Dodson (bass, vocals) and Justin Haag (drums). Their first alternative/pop rock record Price of Progress was released in the summer of 2012. They collectively determined that it did not properly represent the band’s style so they returned to the studio and released an EP only a few months later. Endless Horizon came out in November of that year and the band is currently working on their next release, Ecstasy. Listening to their latest single “Toxic” it is obvious that the band has matured and further evolved their sound over the past two years. In anticipation of Ecstasy I caught up with the Perfect Addiction and asked them to fill in the blanks.




The pickiest eater in the band is…. Trevor, he lives solely off of taco bell, pizza, orange soda and slushies.

Before the band we were employed as…. Kyle and Sean were servers at an Italian restaurant, Justin was a barista, and Trevor Worked for a car light dealer on the black market.

We knew we’d become a band….After we played our first show at The World Famous Nile Theatre and the crowd was singing the lyrics back to us.

For fun we like to…. Hike mountains, jump off roofs and cliffs, build cosplay costumes, and kill zombies.

The first song we wrote was…. A song that we never released titled Cigarette.

Our sound is best described as…. Pop/Rock but we have distinct influences from other genres making our own unique sound.

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is…. to be yourself and never stop chasing your dreams.

If we play another band’s music it’s…. Old Maroon 5.

Our craziest or most memorable gig was…. A show where our setlist got cut short so we went out and played only our high energy songs and the crowd interaction was awesome.

The furthest we’ve ever traveled for a gig is…. Tucson, Arizona.

Our largest audience was…. 6,000 people at a college show in Tucson.

We’re currently listening to….Sean : My Chemical Romance…As always. and also 5 Seconds Of Summer.

Kyle : I’ve really been loving the New Maroon 5 Album.

Trevor : Mostly The 1975, From Indian Lakes, and I the Mighty.

Justin : I’ve been going back and listening to a lot of Relient K and The Cab.

Ecstasy is different than our EP Endless Horizon because…. We expanded on our music knowledge in general and our writing has taken a leap forward in a direction towards what The Perfect Addiction is as a unit.

This fall, you should expect from us…. The release of our new album as well as some content to go with it, including merch, music videos, bonus tracks, and tons of shows.


– Victoria Race

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