Review: Vertical Horizon

Vertical Horizon is an alternative rock band from the 1990’s that tons of people grew up on. They were founded in 1991 but their breakout and most successful album wasn’t released until 1999. Everything You Want was a hit and brought together people of all ages into the early 2000’s. The track “Everything You Want” became the most played single and “You’re A God” also drew a lot of attention to the album. The band dispersed after their next album Go was released in 2003 but reconvened to release Burning The Days in 2009. Last fall, Echoes From The Underground was released and the band has been touring this year to promote it. Though it did not produce hits like their previous albums, the fans still sang along. At first I was surprised to hear that Vertical Horizon would be performing at the Berea Fairgrounds as grandstand entertainment for the Cuyahoga County Fair. It all went down on an outdoor stage next to the carnival rides and funnel cake stands. I had also expected a larger crowd than a couple hundred people to show up since the fairgrounds were packed with families, friends and couples. Tonight’s set was impressively long and including the encore it lasted nearly 2 hours.


Frontman Matt Scannell has one of the biggest and most genuine smiles. He interacted with the crowd, introduced songs and explained lyrics. Matt was joined by the talented Donovan White (guitar), Ron Lavella (drums), and Sean Hurley (bass). They performed the perfect amount of new and old songs which appeased the crowd and my favorite was “Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning).” It was great to hear so many songs that us 90’s kids were weaned on and I would absolutely attend another Vertical Horizon show in the future.




– Victoria Race

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