Interview – We The Unspoken

I am happy to share another local artist with you named We The Unspoken. Unlike the others, this band approached us before we got the chance to contact them. They’re an unsigned local acoustic duo from Kent, Ohio who have been eagerly working on new material. Their debut music video is being released sometime this month and they’ve been in the studio recording their debut EP at Vibe Studios in Cleveland. I was delighted to see their interest in contributing to Kryptonite so I sent them some fill in the blanks.

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Our names are…. Hello we are Christopher Brandon (Vocals) and Spencer Grayson (Guitar/Vocals) collectively known as WE THE UNSPOKEN.

The pickiest eater is…. Definitely would be Spencer!.. He can’t handle anything with spice in or on it. We’re talking Red Hot burns his mouth… Myself (Christopher) love just about EVERYTHING haha.

The most OCD member is….That would be myself (Christopher) I have NO IDEA why but I’ll always be just arranging things and touching things all over the place. It’s such a strange thing if you really think about it..Weird.

We met each other….(where, how, etc.) We have been friends for YEARS on end. I’d say around 10 years now.. We met from some random friends at a local roller rink. Spencer came out to see my band at the time play a show. We hit it off and have been buds since.

For fun we like to…. Do all kinds of things. Certainly enjoy a good smoke session, some tasty adult beverages, cracking jokes and of course hanging with all of our awesome friends.

We knew we’d become a band when…. Well we have just kind of always written music together. I’d say over the past 4 solid years we have just always been really creative working on writing as a team. From hip hop to screamo, metal and now our venture into as we like to call it “Acoustic Space Rock” we had launched this project close to 6 months ago. So far it’s been going really well! There are tons of really cool plans in the works.

The first song we wrote was…. Our fist song we wrote as this project is a track titled “The First Time” which is available for free streaming over at! We have a new single and EP that will also release this fall worldwide.

Our sound is best described as…. Acoustic Space Rock.

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is…. That you can do and be ANYTHING that you want to be in this world. Don’t ever let ANYONE tell you different. If you have a dream and a goal then don’t sit around and wait for it to happen. Focus on a plan and go for your goals! This music can be an escape for the everyday stress of life. From money, anger, love, lust we touch on just about everything.

We’re currently listening to…. Spencer – I’ve been listening to a lot of Artifex Pereo, Taking Back Sunday, The Used. Christopher – I’ve been jamming a lot of Taking Back Sunday, Chris Moulton, The Used and The Cure. It just all depends on the day and the mood.

The new music video is…. This is a treat that will be released and officially announced very soon on all our social media pages!

           Twitter: @wetheunspoken1

           Instagram: @wetheunspoken


Our new EP is different because… Well it’s going to take you on an adventure when you listen to the entire thing. It goes through some of the daily hardships life throws our way and gives you something to relate to. From a younger to an older audience anyone who listens and just pays a bit of attention can really understand.

Remember to LIVE!



– Victoria Race

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