Interview – Titus Calderbank

Our next featured artist is 18-year-old Titus Calderbank from Penticton, BC. I recently came across his cover of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” on his YouTube channel and couldn’t wait to ask him some questions. He currently has just over 1,100 subscribers and his most popular video is “Lonely Boy” by the Black Keys. My favorites include “Breezeblocks” by Alt-J and “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver. Check out the fill in the blanks I sent over below.



The 3 words I’d use to describe myself are….Energetic, determined, weird. (I’ve heard the last one a lot)

My favorite season is…. Probably summer for about 4 weeks. After that I always want fall to come so I can wear jeans and sweaters.

I decided to start a YouTube cover channel because…. I didn’t really plan on doing it, I just randomly was like “Hey! I’m going to go record a cover on a mountain.” It all just kept going after that.

My favorite cover to perform is…. I’d have to say “Lonely Boy” by the Black Keys, its been my favorite cover that I’ve recorded and also my favorite song to perform at venues.

I started playing the guitar…. When I was 12 but didn’t really get seriously into it until I was around 15.

I knew I wanted to pursue music when…. I posted that cover of “Lonely Boy.” I didn’t really know I had any talent (not saying I have a lot) until I put myself out there and I got amazingly positive feedback. Since then I’ve just been striving to become a better musician and songwriter.

The first song I wrote was….Some random song that didn’t make any sense at all and included random words and phrases. I wrote it when I was 11. The first real song I wrote was called “Fire In Her Eyes.” It was about a girl who loses who she is and heads down the wrong path in life.

I find inspiration from…. I think many things in life inspire me. My brothers and sisters really influenced me to start playing music in the first place. They inspire me every time I hear them play. The things around me also inspire me such as the people and situations. I find it is easy to write songs that relate to my life and the situations I’m going through (I still make up situations to write about). Also sometimes I’ll pray and ask God what he wants me to write about.

My favorite song of all time is…. That is just a undefined answer. Usually my favorite song of all time is the song that I can’t stop (literally) listening to at the time.

I’m currently listening to….Mother Mother’s “O My Heart” album and Jon Foreman’s whole discography.

For fun I like to…. Honestly if I’m not working or hanging out with friends, I record covers and I write songs for fun. I also watch a dumb amount of YouTube.

My last meal would be…. Probably a donair from this local shop in my hometown, or these beautiful sandwiches also from a local shop. Preferred sandwich: Kaiser bun, sun dried Havarti, beer sausage, pepper salami, calabrese salami, lettuce, artichoke heart, sun dried tomato, tomato, pickle, sweet mustard, mayo. If you see me on the street, make me that.

My favorite words to live by are…. Behold I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Luke 10:16

– Victoria Race

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