Dear You : I Can Only Blame Myself

One of our featured bands, Dear You, has just released their new EP titled I Can Only Blame Myself. This 3-piece consisting of Chris Roach, Thomas Marsella and Louis Moore have recently gone through some drastic changes. For one, the band lost a member and became a 3-piece, forcing them to alter their sound. They also signed to Third String Records, started writing immediately and came out with a brand new single this past August. That single, titled “Castles,” prompted me to add them to our list of recommended artists and reach out to them.


Chris, Louis and Thomas recorded the entire EP in various rooms of Louis’ home. With the help of Kevin Gates Productions, they released the 6-track EP today. One of my favorite tracks is “Shipwreck” because of the strong drum performance. I also enjoy “This Is How You Rewrote Yourself” but because of its powerful lyrics similar to those of “Castles.” My favorite lyrics from the track include the lines, “Nothing that I say will turn into the hand that helps me on my feet” and “Caught again between the fire and the wall you pushed on me.”

Each time I listen to this record, I hear more instrumental strategies and meaning in the lyrics. There is no way someone can listen to this EP just once and feel satisfied. Full understanding of the lyrics and their situation within the melodies after one listen is impossible. It is evident that Dear You dedicates an immense amount of time to their music and I Can Only Blame Myself is the perfect way to kick off the band’s new chapter.


Stream the EP here :

Check out the interview with Chris here :


– Victoria

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