Interview – Visionaries

A couple of weeks ago, Danielle and I went to the Foundry and got a chance to see Visionaries perform. They’re a local, female-fronted 5-piece that’s often compared to Paramore. They released a new self-titled EP back in August consisting of 5 tracks including their single “Daydreamer.” You can see them perform at the Cleveland HATES Cancer benefit show at Mahall’s on the 28th. Head out to support a great cause and see Visionaries play with some other local artists including Across The Viaduct. In the meantime, learn more about Visionaries from their responses and check out the music video for “Daydreamer” below.


Our names are….
Leah – vocals
David – guitar
Ben – guitar
Luke – bass guitar
Jared – drums

The meaning behind our name Visionaries is….To us, being in a band is something we have all felt drawn to. We decided to follow that feeling with everything inside us. That’s the point we hope to get across to people. If you are passionate about something, stop letting others tell you that you can’t do it.  If you have a vision of a goal or a place in life you want to be, don’t ignore it, be a visionary. That’s what we’re trying to do.

We met each other….We mostly knew each other through friends, or being in other bands.

The pickiest eater in the band is….Ben! He pretty much likes meat, noodles, and bread.

The most OCD member is….Jared. He’s the guy who will lock the van door even if we’re all standing next to it. Sometimes even if one of us is inside it.

For fun we like to….Drink, play super smash bros, watch netflix, play/go to shows.

We’re currently listening to….Circa survive, fit for a king, red hot chili peppers, the 1975, and beasty boys. And sometimes the radio. We have a pretty diverse taste in music. It’s surprising that we are even in a band together based on our music taste.

The member(s) who writes most of our songs is….We all write our own parts! We’re all about making things a team effort and not having one person or two people control things.

We find inspiration from….I think all of our lives have had different things in them that cause us to be inspired to write music how we do. Tragedies, death of family or people close to us, bad relationships etc.

Something we learned recording our self-titled EP is….How to fine tune and be precise. When you record in a studio, you really start paying attention to every detail in your songs that you didn’t think about before. Recording is one of the largest opportunities as a musician to grow yourself and not stay where you’re at. I believe that should always be the goal for every musician; to up your game with each song or album you create.

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is….To be your own person and make your own choices! This relates back to our name in a way. Everybody has a path to take in life and it shouldn’t be dictated by what your friends think, or any other person but yourself. Only you know what you want out of your life and each day you have a choice to remain where you are, or to make a conscious effort to improve your life in whatever way that is for you. If you listen to our current single “Daydreamer” it’s about this subject.

If we cover/play another artist’s music it’s….System of a down/toxicity. It’s not gonna happen.

Our craziest or most memorable gig was… “Belfonte.” By far. We went to play a festival in what turned out to be an Indian reservation that some looney guy had rented out. Bands drove from all over the United States to play, and not a single person that wasn’t in a band showed up. It didn’t help that it was extremely cold outside, so everyone started to get mad when the guy putting on the show couldn’t be found. After a few hours of waiting around the guy who booked the festival showed up, drugged out of his mind. Everyone wanted their guarantee so they could make it home but it didn’t look like it was gonna happen. Eventually the owner of the Indian reservation showed up, also wanting his money from the promoter. He took him into a room and threatened to throw him down a giant bottomless pit if he didn’t pay. That’s when one of the bands, O’Kingdom, said that they knew of a house show about an hour away that some of us could play. We all decided to take our losses and head to Columbus. We rolled into some rich kid’s house who was just having a birthday party. We all at this point just wanted to play after such a long and confusing day, so 4 touring bands unload their gear into the basement of some lucky girl’s house and rocked out. It ended up being the best show we’ve ever played!

Our last meals would be…
Pizza – Luke
Goulash – Ben
Philly cheese steak sub – Jared
Burrito – Leah
Cheese – David


– Victoria

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