Get At Me : 2014 Sampler

Get At Me is a pop/rock band from Missouri who recently released their single “Wanderer.” It can be found on their bandcamp with a couple of other tracks including “Better This Way” and “Self Control.” The band consists of Noah Smith (guitar/vocals), Jake Smith (bass/vocals), and Matt Lucken (drums/vocals). I took a listen to the 2014 Sampler to get a feel for the how far the band has come since forming in 2011.


Earlier this month, Get At Me partnered up with Vince Lundi to release a music video for their track “Better This Way.” It’s my least favorite of the three tracks because the vocals seem rushed to me whenever I listen to it. In a nonnegative way, it reminds me of some 90’s pop songs. To me, the message seems to get lost because there is so much going on in the song. I don’t dislike “Better This Way” but I do prefer the others over it.

On the other hand, my favorite track of the three is “Self Control” because of its smooth vocals and peculiar melody. My favorite line is, “I’m ripped open from my feet to my head.” I found it surprising that they paired such upbeat melodies with the fairly depressing lyrics/story. I particularly liked the pleasantly shouty choruses that gave the song anthemic qualities.

I enjoy the latest track, “Wanderer,” because of its crisp lyrics and message. I believe that this single is arguably the band’s best and it showcases the lower registers of the vocals. At first listen, it conjured up thoughts of longing and loss for me. In my opinion, it uses great emotion and echoing lyrics in just the right places. I love the song’s dynamics and perfectly placed turns but it also features one of my favorite lines from the sampler, “The very path you walk is covered in the hearts of the lonely.” The lyrics, full of desperation and hope, are also paired with great percussion and guitar riffs.  If I was attending a Get At Me show, I would anticipate “Wanderer” to be the highlight of the night just because it’s an incredibly well-rounded track.

Get At Me just finished up in LA recording their new untitled EP. Be sure to check out their music and video below!



– Victoria

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