Interview – We The Ones

We The Ones is a folk rock band from California that draws influence from artists such as Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men, and The Head and the Heart. This large 6-piece has beautiful melodies and universal lyrics that draw you in as a listener. They released their debut 7-track EP this past summer and my favorite track is “Come Back Love.” I recently sent over some fill in the blanks so we can hear more of their wonderful perspective on life.

A few words we’d use to describe us are….Family, Caring, Loving, True, Real, Kind, Earthians, Hippies

Our names are….

  • Boris Vagner – co-creator, lyricist, social media writer, and manager
  • Salome Gasviani – co-creator, lead singer, composer, rythm guitar
  • Ludvig Brathen – lead guitar and mandolin player, composer
  • Theron Lynott – Drummer/Percussionist
  • Richard Vagner – Viola player, rythm guitar, composer (My brother, only 15 years of age)

The meaning behind our name We The Ones is….that we are all one. That all souls in this universe are connected, we are all a tribe of one. We are all one big energy of love. We want to hug everyone, tell em we love em.

We met each other….Salome and Boris created the band as they met over two years ago through a mutual friend. They both had wanted to help people all their lives. Salome had been a professional singer all her life, she started her career in her birth country of Georgia. Boris has been a writer/poet for most of his life. So they decided to create a band where Salome would compose the melodies and Boris the lyrics. The music would be real and raw, about truly connecting people with our hearts. Soon after we connected with Ludvig Brathen from MI music school through another mutual friend who was in our band before and we miss dearly, his name being Ronojoy. Ronojoy played guitar but had to leave to India because of Visa complications, which so many musicians have to deal with. So then Ludvig knew Theron from school and so he invited him to be part of our family. The last member was Richard who is Boris’s brother. He is a multi instrumentalist who is only 15. He has been playing all instruments since he was 5. Once we formed as a band, we were not a band no more but truly a family. It was like the universe of synchronicity. We all came together for a reason. We all love each other, as we love everyone else too.

We knew we would become a band when….Salome and Boris started writing songs, when they felt in in their cores that their voice can truly make a difference in peoples lives. That they just have to plant the seed and water it with the warm sunny love.

The pickiest eater in the band is….Richard Vagner. He like others in the band is a vegetarian.  Salome and him are vegetarians, and Boris is a Vegan. But yes Richard wont eat anything, he has to smell and taste everything before eating it. You never want to order or get something without him, for he probably wont eat it haha. But whats good is that he and our band care about the animals living and don’t want to hurt them at all, for all in this universe is connected and part of the same oneness.

For fun we like to….hang out and jam out together, play all kinds of songs from different genres to olden songs of classic truth. We also love to play sports such as basketball and soccer. We love to read and write new songs, we love to try to make others smile mostly. We love doing random acts of kindness and free hugs.

We’re currently listening to….everything, from classical music of Motzart to the Lumineers. We love all kinds of music that bring passion and a kindred roar of real music from the heart. Where the lyrics and melody matter and bring a change chemically within the flesh and soul.

The member(s) who writes most of our songs is….Boris writes all the lyrics, as he is a writer and poet. Salome wrote most of the melodies for the EP, but Ludvig wrote some as well such as Come Back Love that is becoming more of a hit song for us. Richard also composed two songs but they are of new songs not part of the EP. We cant wait to share those songs with all of you. They are called “Tribe of One” and “Hey, Hello.”

The first song we wrote was….called “Tell Lie Vision” which is actually on our EP. Its a very intense song about how we all as a society should awake from our sleep and become more conscious what we input into our biological computers. We have to be the change, for lies we shall always see and hear but its up to us to create the world we wish to have.

We find inspiration….all differently as we have all grown up with different experiences. For example Boris gets his inspirations at night from reading a book, watching a great movie, and listening to a great song. For others in the band its being in the zone and feeling it, it all varies and its all different every time which is the beauty of writing songs. There is no right or wrong way. You just feel something and push it into the clear and open peaceful waters of truth.

Our EP, We The Ones, was recorded….by a really amazing producer named Christian James Hand. He is a great and dear friend to us as well. It was such a fun experience for we never worked on something all together like this, we had to really work together to come up with new ideas. We all worked very well together, as we all knew what the other was feeling.

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is….that the music your listening to of ours is from the heart, its a tale of bringing change to everyone’s heart. Letting people know they are not alone, that our songs are more than songs they are a way of life, a way of love and peace. We want to spread awareness to people, for them to start caring about nature, this planet, themselves, and everyone around them. We want to mostly let them know we love them dearly, always!!!!

If we play another band’s music it’s….probably some Mumford and Sons or The Lumineers for they talk the truth upon their folk roots of story telling. We busk and play there songs sometimes, lots of souls love them as they should. They are great bands that sing from their hearts.

In the next six months….we hope to be very busy with the sharing of love and awareness. We hope to have a music video out already for Come back Love. We hope to be part of a mini tour around the states. We also want to be part of organizations for great causes, we want to help. Music is a strong influence in this world, its a vehicle that is always moving… so we want it to help move it in the direction of love. Let us love and show love. Love it forward. For we are all one… We The Ones ❤


– Victoria

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