Spotlight on The Glass Child

The Glass Child, also known as Charlotte Eriksson, is a singer/songwriter who moved from her homeland of Sweden to London at the young age of 17 to pursue her dream of creating and sharing music with the world.  From spending a year homeless in London, starting her own record label (Broken Glass Records), to releasing 5 EPs, 2 full length albums, and a book (Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps), Eriksson’s story is both impressive and inspiring.  Her indie pop/folk sound has garnered The Glass Child quite the following of over 30,500 fans and counting ever since the release of her single “I Will Lead You Home”.  Her single reached #2 on the Swedish iTunes-chart and has been played on major radios ever since. Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.41.13 AM For the past year, Eriksson has been hard at work in Berlin on her latest album, I Must Be Gone and Live, Or Stay And Diewhich was released worldwide on October 21st.  In regards to her latest work, Eriksson says, “It’s bigger this time. I’m wiser this time. This is not about the final physical product, like a CD. This is about the impact those songs can have inside someone. My mission is to seek those who need to hear those words and melodies and stories, and if I can touch one soul out there and make them feel like they belong, then I will be happy.”  It’s clear by Eriksson’s words that her passion and dedication to her music is stronger than ever and I think it truly comes through in her latest album.  The twelve songs that make up I Must Be Gone and Live, Or Stay and Die are each stylistically unique on their own and tell a different story, but when strung together paint a bigger picture about Eriksson’s life and life in general.  Her profoundly honest lyrics and haunting vocals work together to toy with your emotions in a way that is uncommon in most contemporary music. What I like most about I Must Be Gone and Live, Or Stay and Die is the fact that it’s an equal mixture of fierce, energy-packed songs like “The Water’s Edge” and “The Fall” and slower, heart-wrenching confessions like “London” and “Yesterday”.  All in all, it’s clear that The Glass Child’s music keeps getting better and better as time goes on which makes waiting for more of her music very difficult.  I look forward to seeing and hearing what Eriksson creates next, but in the mean time enjoy her latest album and be sure to check out the music video for one of the singles, “Yesterday”, below.



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