Interview – Mike Gallagher

The following fill in the blanks come from alternative, rock, and pop artist, Mike Gallagher. If you like Cleveland’s own The Black Keys or White Denim, be sure to check out the video for the track titled “All Falls Down.” Mike Gallagher & Higher Order released their 10-track LP titled The Edge Of A Dream back in 2013. Mike has worked with Trackforce Productions as a producer and has even performed at Barack Obama’s inaugural brunch. Learn more about him from his responses and stream The Edge Of A Dream here.



Three words I’d use to describe myself are…. Optimistic, creative and introspective

My favorite season is…. Summer

I knew I wanted to pursue music when….I first saw my dad perform with his band.

The first song I wrote was….for a girl I was dating my sophomore year of high school. I thought I was slick and that it would make a great Valentine’s day present.

I find inspiration from….Others that are doing what they love. It makes me want to continue to pursue my own passion.

My favorite song of all time is…. “Love’s in Need of Love Today” by Stevie Wonder.

I’m currently listening to….Local Natives, I love their songs and their vocal blend.

One thing I want you to remember while listening to my music is….that my music comes from the heart and life experiences. Also, that I am open to all genre’s and styles of music.

Something I learned by creating The Edge Of A Dream is….There are many different ways you can create and album these days and it is a ton of work. I understand why it takes a while for albums to be completed and released. I did many jobs myself, a great team of people also helped me along the way with much of the process, it’s impossible to do everything on your own…well maybe unless your Prince!

My favorite track to perform live is…. “Moving On.” That song was the one that made me decide to pursue recording and begin to write for the album. The lyrics also describe a great turning point in my own life and remind me that things will always get better even when things are not good. Also, the music is high energy which I love.

For fun I like to….Play ice hockey. I play on a men’s league here in Chicago and it helps me keep in shape and also helps me clear my mind during my weeks of craziness. I’ve been skating since I was 5 years old and I think I’ll try to keep skating until I can no longer do it.

Something odd I want my fans to know about me is….I cut my own hair. (Maybe they can tell!) I started doing it when I needed to save money and I have since continued to do it. It also takes a lot of time out of your schedule to keep having to set up barber shop appointments and go and I am always crazy busy.


– Victoria

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