Spotlight on Histories

Drawing heavily from the thoughtfulness of early Transit with elements of the angsty pop-punk sound of Real Friends, Histories is a four-piece alternative rock band from Springfield, Missouri.  Formed in 2012, Histories released their debut EP I’m Still Doing Well in 2013 followed by their three-track EP, Fri(ends).  Though both of their EPs are superb, it’s clear that Histories is on an upward trajectory.


I’m Still Doing Well features five tracks that range from punk, rock, to pop in sound.  Out of the five songs, one of my favorites would definitely have to be “Obliviate” because it truly stands out from the rest.  I love the unique melodies, lyrics, and the fleeting moments the xylophone has in the song.  I also think it shows a great deal of creativity when a band creates a word for what their trying to convey — obliviate isn’t actually a real word in the conventional sense, but J.K Rowling used the term “obliviate” in the Harry Potter series for a memory loss spell — so I guess you could say “obliviate” means “forget” which adds a great deal of meaning to the song.

Following Histories’ debut EP, the release of Fri(ends) in early 2014 proved that the band’s sound matured a great deal from their original work.  Fri(ends), though short in length, is cohesive in sound — it’s very much punk and very much original.  My favorite track of the three is definitely “Turtle Dove”.  I think the combination of fast paced beats with the alternating slow, softer vocals and fast, heavier, punk vocals makes for a unique track that stands apart from the rest.

Since Histories honed in on their own sound on Fri(ends), it helped propel them on tour around the Midwest and the rest of the country in 2014.  The band’s progression over the year has led them to Nu Tone Studios in San Francisco where they will join forces with Scott Goodrich in the spring to work on their full-length album — you can expect to hear their much anticipated work sometime in mid-2015, but in the meantime listen to their addictive music here or on Spotify!



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