Interview – Ottawa

The following fill in the blanks come from a local band named Ottawa. They’re a 5-piece garage-pop band based in Cleveland, Ohio. The band is influenced by a variety of artists including Smashing Pumpkins, Portugal The Man, and Flaming Lips. Danielle and I went to their EP release show last week and got a chance to listen to the new record. Learn more about them from their responses below and be sure to check out the new album, Random Lights.

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We are…

  • Dale DeLong – vocals
  • Will Hooper – guitar
  • Tim Czajka – guitar
  • Chris Williams – bass
  • Steve Crobar – drums


The meaning/story behind our name Ottawa is….Ottawa was the street that Dale grew up on in Slavic Village. You know, when you’re naming a band, everybody starts off with the first letter of their first name and it’s all consonants and three hours later, you end up on what street did everybody grow up on? For some reason, Ottawa struck a chord with us. It just felt like a name you can’t question.


We met each other….Three of us went to high school together (Dale, Tim & Chris). In 2007, Will and Dale met on Craigslist—the musicians wanted section, not missed connections. Steve was another Craigslist find.


The pickiest eater in the band is….

Dale: Will.

Will: No way!

Dale: Pickiest eater? Geez, I don’t know.

Chris: Dale.


The most OCD member is….Dale.


For fun we like to….

Will: Go to shows.

Dale: Movies.

Tim: Build things.

Chris: Watch hockey.

Steve: Play the drums and drink beer.


We’re currently listening to….

Will: Damon Albarn’s solo album. Guy from Gorillaz.

Dale: Teddy Boys. T. Swift.

Will: Yeah, “Blank Space” is good.


We find inspiration from….

Dale: anything and everything. Most of the time, it’s not other music. Living life. The Notes app on my phone is filled with one-liners and things other people have said.


One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is….

Dale: Anything is possible.


The members who do most of our writing are….

Will: Dale, Tim and I, but everyone contributes.


Random Lights was recorded in….Lava Room and White Out Studios with Jim Stewart.


If we play another band’s music it’s….

Dale: We’ve done Pixies and Pink Floyd covers.


Our craziest or most memorable gig was….

Dale: The album release.

Will: House of Blues for Downtown Festival. But the album release was the best show we’ve done.

Steve: I agree.


Our last meals would be….

Dale: Pizza with pepperoni and goat cheese. United Dairy Farmers cookies and cream ice cream.

Will: Double bacon cheeseburger, vanilla milkshake.

Steve: Steak. Filet mignon, medium rare.

Chris: French toast, four strips of bacon and a western omelet with a big glass of chocolate milk.

Tim: Stuffed cabbage. Pierogis. Mason’s Creamery ice cream.


In the next six months you should expect….

Dale: tours, a music video. A lot of things happening outside of Cleveland. We’re ready to take Ottawa on the road.

EP Release Show Review


Official Website

– Victoria

(B&W courtesy of Amber Patrick)

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