Spotlight on Villafan

Based in Los Angeles, Villafan is a singer-songwriter whose soulful sound is very much rooted in rhythm and blues.  Villafan began his music career like most aspiring artists — by playing in local coffee shops.  What sets Villafan apart from other young artists is his tenacious decision to leave Southern California in exchange for life on the road all around Europe after the release of his 2012 EP, Sweet Time.  With nothing more than a suitcase and his guitar, Villafan traveled all around Europe, spreading his music from country to country.


His time in Europe was the main inspiration for his 2014 EP, I Still Believe.  In comparison to his 2012 EP, I Still Believe showcases a more developed sound and sophistication t.  Of course Sweet Time is still a great EP, but I Still Believe features a new level of creativity and maturity in Villafan’s music that will only improve over time.  Songs like “Changing the World” definitely showcase Villafan’s experiences oversea while “Romance” and “Let Go” are two songs that seem substantiated more by personal relationships.  The diversity in both sound and meaning from song to song is definitely what makes I Still Believe Villafan’s best work to date.


Currently, Villafan is working on his debut album which is scheduled to be released this summer — it will no doubt be impressive like the rest of his work.  I look forward to listening to it soon, but in the meantime you can find the rest of his work here.  Also be sure to check out his live performance of “Believe” from his EP I Still Believe below!



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