Interview – A Brilliant Lie

A Brilliant Lie is a female-fronted alternative rock band from Orlando, Florida. This 5-piece released a 6-track EP back in 2013 with a music video for their song, “Red Eyes (of Thoughts Awry).” They’ve since been touring in support of Waking Vessels and gaining tons of experience. A Brilliant Lie has scored sets at a variety of Florida festivals and even the House of Blues stage. They’re currently working on new material so learn more about the band below and what exactly they have planned for 2015.



We are….“The best….aaaaroooooound!  Nothing’s ever gonna keep us down!”  *ahem*  We are A Brilliant Lie.



The meaning/story behind our name A Brilliant Lie is…. It ties into an idea that is featured in a lot of our content: just being human and understanding who and how that is to the utmost degree.  People aren’t always accepting of the full story of themselves and each other.  And sometimes the most brilliant lies are the ones you tell yourself.



We met each other….Most of us have actually been working for many years in the same scene…and either played in old bands together or at venues, etc.  Except Jason – we got him on Craigslist (he came with a free couch!).



The pickiest eater in the band is….

Everyone unanimously – “Chris.”

Chris – “Uh…I think it’s me.  If its green, I probably won’t eat it.  However, recently on the road, I did eat a salad.  Oh!  And Jason hates milk…because he is weird….I mean…that’s weird right???”



The most OCD member is….

Chris –  “Zack.”

Tara – “I think it’s me.”

Jason – “Everyone not named Chris.”

Matt –  “I think we all have our own OCD tendencies. Especially when it’s something pertaining to the band.”

Zack – “That would most likely be me.  I have a fail-safe system or back-up plan for many situations, because I generally expect everything to go wrong in the worst timing possible and then hope for the best. I have little tics from organizing toiletries, all the way to making efficient time usage of a gas station stop.”



For fun we like to….Punish each other with horrible Netflix movies, see live music performances, do stupid things that could possibly severely injure us, etc.  We also like to plot things that we think would be really funny (knowing full well that most people wouldn’t agree that they were funny). 



We’re currently listening to….

Jason – Twenty One Pilots/Vessel, Pvris/White Noise, Closure in Moscow/First Temple, Taylor Swift/1989

Chris – Closure in Moscow/First Temple, Manchester Orchestra/Cope and Mean Everything To Nothing, The Beach Boys/Pet Sounds, Apex Theory/Topsy-Turvey

Matt – Butch Walker/Afraid of Ghosts…Fall Out Boy/American Beauty / American Psycho…Death Cab For Cutie/All of it…Sufjan Stevens/Illinoise

Zack – The gentle humming flow of the A/C unit. Porcupine Tree, Portishead, Daft Punk, Modest Mouse, and more.

Tara – Oh man…where do I start?  Austra – Feel It Break….Sorne – House of Stone….Little People – Mickey Mouse Operation…MeWithoutYou – Catch For Us The Foxes…Into It. Over It. – Proper



The member(s) who writes most of our songs is….All of us.  It’s a collaborative effort for each part of the music, and no one person really writes a song from beginning to end. Oh, and by ‘collaborative effort,’ we mean it’s lots and lots of arguing until the music is at a point where all five members agree it’s worth releasing to the world.



We find inspiration from….Humans, friends, art, other musicians, seeing different unique places in the world, CNN, burritos…so pretty much anything.



Something we learned from creating Waking Vessels is….We really honed in on a more streamlined version of what we always imagined A Brilliant Lie to be.  It’s never too late to learn something new, and we learned a lot working with a producer.  We suppose we learned something about ourselves, too. 



One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is….That it’s there for you.  And there’s always hope, and a light at the end of the tunnel. 



Our craziest or most memorable gig was….Man – nothing is really normal for us.  We’ve played outside in raging storms (without getting electrocuted).  We’ve played on a moving trailer.  We’ve played in super hero capes (a couple of times, actually).  We also tried to disguise the House of Blues stage as a prehistoric jungle…complete with a paper mache volcano, paper mache rocks, cavemen, and a Dinocorn monster!  Surely there are photos online if you’re curious.



Something odd we want our fans to know about us is….Well…you asked for it.  *inhales*  …We are all really Beliebers.  We are bringing back coon-skin caps.  None of us have feet.  We collect Furbies.  We own a suit of armor and it functions as a hat rack.  We have a giant cardboard head of Rick Ross floating around our house.  And…butts.



Our last meals would be….

Chris – Porterhouse steak medium rare, potatoes, & chocolate pudding.

Matt – A big plate of Nachos.

Zack – an entire sushi boat, with extra eel and octopus rolls, a sea weed salad, and a pint of Raspberry cheesecake Talenti gelato

Jason – Nachos!

Tara – Green Chicken Curry with a cup of Thom Yum soup!  Boom.



In the next six months you should expect….

Some partly-cloudy skies, with a slight chance of rain. Highs in the 70’s with an overnight low of 62.  Also, expect a ton of new music/videos/pictures/show dates, and more.  Like…a lot. 





Official Website


– Victoria

(Black & white courtesy of Zero Dark Cinema)

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