The Weekend Classic & Before The Streetlights : The Indiana Split/EP

Indiana-based bands, The Weekend Classic and Before The Streetlights are about to release their joint EP. The Indiana Split/EP features two tracks from each band and is set to be released on February 3rd. The record was produced by Mike Hart and mastered by Tyler Smyth. Each band will continue to work with Hart on individual 2015 Spring releases.



Before the Streetlights is known for having strong pop influences that shine in their music. I love their stuff because it’s lighthearted, relatable, and jaunty. Their two tracks on The Indiana Split/EP are titled “I Know You Know” and “Stuck in Place.” Of the two, I prefer “I Know You Know” because it’s reminiscent of their 2014 EP, Highways. I also like the way it showcases the whole band and not just the vocals. This track also features Chris Webster of The Weekend Classic. I enjoyed the second track, “Stuck In Place,” because of its wispy vocals and simple melody. Even though it hasn’t been long since Highways was released, these two songs prove that Before the Streetlights has undoubtedly grown.




The two tracks from The Weekend Classic are titled “You’re History” and “Bedroom Window.” I’m always impressed with The Weekend Classic’s ability to convey truth and emotion in their lyrics but they’ve really outdone it here. Of the two, I prefer “You’re History” because of its classic pop punk feel. This gritty, angsty song also features Josh Courtney of Before the Streetlights. “Bedroom Window” on the other hand is an acoustic track. The highlight of this song is its brooding and emotive lyrics similar to stuff by the band Citizen. My favorite lines include “It’s hard for us to let go of all the things we held so close when we were seventeen and sneaking out of windows/Seventeen’s too hard for us to let go.”

Overall, I was really impressed with what each band brought to this record. I think they both have proven that the best has yet to come and I’m looking forward to their future releases. Be sure to check out The Indiana Split/EP when it hits Bandcamp and Soundcloud tomorrow!


The Weekend Classic Facebook

Before the Streetlights Facebook

– Victoria

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