Interview – Airsickness

Airsickness is a pop rock band from Tampa, Florida. This 4-piece consists of Owen Jago (vocals/guitar), Casey Jago (bass), Allen Litchfield (guitar), and Nick Masengale (drums). They formed back in 2012 and have since had the opportunity to share the stage with acts such as Set It Off, Panic! at the Disco, Of Mice & Men, and New Politics. They will be releasing a new EP titled Between All the Lies this March so I sent over some fill in the blanks to learn more. Be sure to check out their single “Faking Smiles” using the Soundcloud link below.


The story/meaning behind our name Airsickness is…. We just wanted a name that stuck and raised a question, “What is this band gonna sound like?!”

We met each other…..Owen and Casey are brothers, Nick and Owen met in middle school. Allen worked a high school job with Casey prior.

The pickiest eater is….None of us are really picky, we are all like human garbage cans. Haha If anyone Casey, only because he gets pregnant woman-like cravings and HAS to eat whatever he is craving.

The most OCD member is….That’s a hard one.  We all are a little but all in different ways.  Nobody really stands out as being more OCD then anyone else.  We all kind of balance each other out nicely.

For fun we like to….We seem to have time a good time outside, whatever it is, cookouts, fires, beach, boating etc.

We find inspiration from….As individuals we have many different inspirations musically. But together, we get inspired from each other. We feed off of each others motivation.

We’re currently listening to….Kendrick Lamar, The Fall of Toy, The 1975, and Slipknot.

Between All the Lies was recorded in….Red Sparrow Studios in Wilson North Carolina with producer Brandon Ham.

Our favorite tracks to play live are….Its hard to tell because we have not played them a whole lot, but so far “Never Wanted” is fun.  It has a cool tempo and is really fun to groove with.

If we play another band’s music it’s…. Something off-the-wall normally. It’s fun when we cover an artist that doesn’t sound like us. Our own twist gets put on it.  We enjoy just about all types of music so generally we enjoy playing all types of music.

Something odd we want our fans to know about us is…We all started playing music on a different instrument then what we currently play in Airsickness.

We’re absolutely terrified of….Bugs. None of us do bugs.

Our last meals would be….Probably Steak and Shake, they are open late, cheap, and filling so we find ourselves there on the road a lot.  Also we always eat Steak and Shake like its our last meal because it usually is for a while.

In the next six months you should expect….Touring the states, building our fan base, meeting you! (the reader)

“Faking Smiles” on Soundcloud



– Victoria

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