Interview – Luke Leighfield

Singer-songwriter Luke Leighfield’s prolific career started back in 2005. Since then, he has released 4 full-length albums, a couple of EP’s, and played over 750 shows. Leighfield’s new album titled V has just been released. With the help of his fans, he was able to travel from the UK to Cleveland to work with producer Jim Wirt (Jack’s Mannequin, Incubus, Fiona Apple).  Learn more about Leighfield from his responses and be sure to check out his music video for the track “Fool For Love.” You can also read our review of V here and stream it on SoundCloud below.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 7.30.37 AM

Three words I’d use to describe myself are….compassionate, driven, particular.

My favorite season is….winter.

I knew I wanted to pursue music when….I started going to see punk bands play in sweaty venues in Worcester when I was 15. The energy and sense of community was intoxicating and I knew I wanted to be up there onstage one day.

The first song I wrote was….almost certainly dreadful.

I find inspiration from….everything, really. I take inspiration from all kinds of music when I’m in the studio. This time around, I recall Earth, Wind and Fire, John Mayer, Rage Against the Machine and Jackson 5 being reference points. Not that the record sounds anything like any of them! As for what, the songs are about my life. So relationships, faith, travel, this weird life journey that we’re all on.

Something I hope to accomplish as a musician is….to make people feel good. I want my music to be positive and hopeful, to bring light moments on crappy days. Not just in the lyrics, but also in the sounds and chords – I want listening to my songs to be a hopeful, enriching experience. And I want to inspire other people to write and create. I’m not an amazing musician or a great singer – I’m no better than anyone else. With a bit of time and work, we can all create cool stuff that helps other people.

My favorite songs of all time include….Too hard! But here are my favourites from 2014:

I’m currently listening to….at this second? Charli XCX. But this week I’ve been listening to this Swedish band called Winhill/Losehill a lot. Their record ‘Trouble Will Snowball’ is stunning: Winhill/Losehill – Trouble Will Snowball

For fun I like to….run, read, travel, go to the cinema, see shows. The usual.

Something I learned from working with Jim Wirt on V is….that I can do way more with my voice than I thought I could. Jim’s an incredible musician and producer, and his experience was so valuable. He pushed me to do things I never thought were possible.

One thing I want you to remember while listening to my music is….it’s going to be okay! Seriously. It’s so cheesy but it’s so true. Life is harder for some than others, but it’s tough for all of us. And we need to be kind to each other, and kind to ourselves.

My last meal would be…pizza, obviously.

I’m absolutely terrified of….snakes and small spaces. Especially together.

Something odd I want my fans to know about me is….I can lick my elbow. Now you try.

My favorite words to live by are….currently: “get better.”

In the next six months you should expect….to achieve great things.

V Review



– Victoria

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