Luke Leighfield : V

V is the fifth major effort of UK-based singer-songwriter, Luke Leighfield. The record will hit stores on March 9th through Got Got Needs Records. With the help of his fans, Leighfield traveled from the UK all the way to Cleveland to work on the record with Jim Wirt (Jack’s Mannequin, Incubus, Fiona Apple). I got the chance to take a listen and found the record absolutely stunning.

Luke Leighfield Promo 2 [by Tom Price]

The album begins with a spunky track titled “Begin Again.” I love its gentle vocals and hints of 80’s rock that lead straight into the classic pop punk song, “Fading Fast.” The highlight of this track is definitely its high choruses.

Then there’s the anthemic single, “Fool For Love.” Leighfield released a music video for the track in early February which features a cool dance routine and some cheesy romance.

“When Will I Learn?” is one of the slowest tracks on the record. It’s contemplative, tender and somewhat brooding. Some of my favorite lines include “I am a man but I act like a child” and “Stop falling in love/Cause love is not something you fall into.”

“First Love” is also subdued but it’s prominent drum track and harmonies help amplify the song. “Lost At Sea” and “Something Different” conclude the record. I love the rhyming lyrics in “Lost At Sea” and the awesome guitar presence in “Something Different.”

My favorite track off the album has to be “Number My Days” because of its rock qualities and textures. It has cool breaks and a catchy chorus that drives the rest of the song. I also love “Oh, Canada” because of its strong intro, heartbreaking lyrics, and brass highlights.

In the end, I expect a highly positive reaction to the March release of this undeniably fresh and reflective record. 2015 seems to be quite the year for Leighfield. I have no doubt that he has plenty up his sleeve and much more to come. Keep an eye out for V and his fill in the blank responses. In the meantime, be sure to check out the “Fool For Love” music video below!


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– Victoria

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