Interview – Seek Irony

The following fill in the blanks come from an edgy rock quintet named Seek Irony. The band, formed in Israel, quickly became known for their unique sound. Fans describe their blend of modern rock and electronica to be “a mix between a full on live rock show and a massive rave dance party.” The band has since moved from Tel Aviv to Austin, Texas and gained many fans from touring in the local scene. Learn more about Seek Irony below and be sure to check out their track “Devil In Me.”

SEEK IRONY Press Photo (secondary)

We are….

  • Kfir Gov – Vocals
  • Rom Gov – Drums
  • Mikael Oganes – DJ/EFX/Synths
  • Alex Campbell – Guitar
  • Adam Donovan – Bass/ Misa Tri Bass


Three words we’d use to describe us are….HardRock EDM Live


The meaning/story behind our name Seek Irony is….We feel there’s a lot of twisted irony in the world we live in so we try to inspire people to seek for that irony so hopefully they could find the truth between the lines.


We met each other….Rom and I (Kfir) are brothers and have been playing music and writing songs together since our early teens. Our first show in a venue in Tel Aviv, Israel was when I was 15 and Rom was 10 years old.

When we recently relocated the band to Austin, TX, we blasted everybody we could about finding new local musicians in Austin to join the band. Alex was one of those musicians who Rom just randomly reached out to on Facebook. At the time, he was actually listed as living in Boston so when Alex asked for more info on the band and for Rom to call him, he kinda ignored him because Rom was thinking how would a guitar player from Boston be part of an Austin based band, right? but once Alex explained that he just finished his studies in Berkley, college of music in Boston and is now back in his home town of Austin, we immediately got together. It was an instant click between us musically and socially. It was pretty funny that only later on we found out he is a bad ass that has 3 Grammy Nominations and scores music for Warner Brothers.

Adam we met through some local Austin musician friends who recommended us working together. At the time, he was actually on a world tour with KMFDM as a lighting/sound tech so we were playing with some other local bass players who filled in until he was able to return from the tour and officially join the band.

Mikael and Rom actually know each other from high school, they both went to a prestigious high school of arts called Thelma Yelin back in Israel. After they haven’t been in touch since high school, Mikael who has been living in LA, California for the past 7-8 years and has been working full time as a Pro DJ in LA for several years now, heard we relocated the band to the states and just finished building a new recording studio in Austin (Evil Snail Studios). He reached out to Rom about recording drums for an EDM live project he was putting together. After Rom recorded drums tracks for 2 songs and Mikael was blown away by it, Rom mentioned to Mikael that if he’s wanting to do an EDM live band, that’s pretty much what Seek Irony is about and offered him to come out to Austin to join the band. Mikael thought about it for a couple days, then put all his belongings in a van and drove to Austin to join the band and he’s been with us since. It was clear to Rom and myself that Mikael would be a great fit for Seek Irony, he’s a very talented classical pianist and a master of electronica sound design.


The pickiest eater in the band is….Defnitely Mikael


The most OCD member is….OCD is Rom and Alex’s territory, everything has to be perfect and in order! “Being right and perfect ALL THE TIME is NOT a mental illness” 😉  – Rom


For fun we like to….Watch movies and play football – the real football where you actually do use your feet 😉


We’re currently listening to….

  • Foo Fighters and Killing Joke (Rom)
  • Solar Fields and David Helpling (Alex)
  • Spor and Cyantific (Mikael)
  • KMFDM and NIN (Adam)
  • Muse and In This Moment (Kfir)


We find inspiration from….Just personal life experiences or life experiences of the people around us. We listen to many great artists in different styles of music – to name a few who have greatly inspired us to write the kind of music we love to do would be The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Sevendust, Rob Zombie, Pendulum/Knife Party, Deadmau5 etc.


One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is….Music has no rules, keep an open mind.


The member(s) who does most of our writing is….Kfir is the lyricist and main songwriter in the band but the music is a collective effort.


If we play another band’s music it’s….Normally we don’t play other bands’ music at all. If we do take on doing a cover, we try to remake it to fit our own style and sound. Our most recent cover was “My Generation” by The Who.


Something odd we want our fans to know about us is….In some of our songs we play live using a weird midi instrument called Misa Tri Bass which is some form of combination between an I pad and a guitar. You will get to see it in action in our new video coming out soon for our song “Peel Me Away.”


Our last meals would be….PIZZA – Usually we try to eat relatively healthy when we can, but while on tour when you’re on a tight schedule, driving from far away having to get to the next venue in time and having to eat something quick at the venue while setting up for sound check and the show is about to begin… just like in our last show, under those circumstances, PIZZA was an easy solution.


In the next six months you should expect….Eating A LOT more PIZZA..haha… just kidding, hopefully not 😉 We’re gonna be touring and touring and touring to support the new album that we just released. We’re right now playing all across Texas, our home state, and soon we’ll be expanding to our neighboring states as well. A lot of cool things happening, like our album is hitting top 40 radio college charts for example. so we’re hoping to begin touring nationally this summer all across the US and who knows, maybe later Europe. We released our first video for “Devil in me,” now just finished shooting “Peel Me Away,” should be coming out pretty soon and we have 2 more videos to go for this record. We’re also going to begin releasing Electronica remix versions for some of our songs on the album. Exciting times ahead!


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