Interview – Meghann Wright

“Diamonds Blaze” is the first single from Meghann Wright’s upcoming full-length. She’s a Brooklyn-based artist from Hawaii who pulls from a variety of different genres. Inspired by her move to New York, her self-titled debut EP was released in July of 2014. You can expect the rest of her new full-length album this summer. In the meantime, learn a little bit more about her and be sure to check out “Diamonds Blaze” below.


Three words I’d use to describe myself are….broken, aspiring, bodhisattva.

My favorite season is….in New York – autumn, in Hawaii – spring.

The first song I wrote was….For the Record.

I find inspiration from….soul destruction and rebirth, mine and others’.

Something I hope to accomplish as a musician is….inspiration to keep going for those who need it, inspiration towards greatness for those who want it.

My favorite songs of all time include….

  • “New Nathan Detroit” – Braid
  • “Top of the City” – Kate Bush
  • “43% Burnt” – Dillinger Escape Plan
  • “Blue Factory Flame” – Songs: Ohia
  • “Marbles” – Single Mothers
  • “Don’t Stop Believin’” – Journey

My favorite tracks to play live are…. “River” (unreleased), “Cocaine,” and “Sunshine.”

I’m currently listening to….Single Mothers, Bjork, and Shovels and Rope.

For fun I like to….If we are purposely excluding things related to music, then I like to get blackout drunk and do all the cocaine. But I quit recently so I guess I’ll have to find a new hobby, when I have time for a hobby.

One thing I want you to remember while listening to my music is….every song was born through intense pain from situations involving heartbreak, paralyzing anxiety, and crippling depression. It is important to me to share that with people so they know that when they experience these and other difficult parts human existence, they realize they are not alone and that they can get through anything, no matter what.

Something odd I want my fans to know about me is….I don’t think anything is odd or normal. We are all weird / special / the same / boring / whatever. We are all just lost souls encased in bodies that are individual mutants of constant collective evolution. We are all in this together.

My last meal would be….Lengua nachos with everything.

I’m absolutely terrified of….everything and nothing at the same time. Mostly cockroaches and ghosts.

In the next six months you should expect….an album, an emotional breakdown, and a new tattoo.

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– Victoria

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