Review: The Moxies with Harlend, New Moon Rising, Molehill & As Time Fades

The Moxies are back and better than ever! Cleveland’s Rock N Roll trio who got their name from an old-fashioned soda bottle headlined the Beachland Ballroom last night. This was the band’s first and only headlining show of the summer. They were recently in town for a 4th of July show at the Cleveland Aquarium. You may have seen them perform on Fox 8, at First Energy Stadium, or heard some of their hits like “Nightcrawler” and “Be Fast Be Smooth” played on local stations. They are influenced by artists such as Elvis Presley, Jack White, Johnny Cash, and Cage the Elephant. Since relocating to Nashville in 2014, the trio has welcomed a new drummer, Landon Hall.

Opening acts last night included As Time Fades, Molehill, New Moon Rising, and Harlend. Highlights of the Moxies’ set included their new sultry song “Fire” and hit “Nightcrawler.” It also featured some stage diving and insane breakdancing. Of course, their set would not be complete without Marco breaking a guitar string or two. It is apparent that their time in Nashville with new producer Marti Fredericksen has been well spent. The Moxies will be back in Cleveland on August 7th at the House of Blues for Cellar Door Rendezvous with The Modern Electric, Seafair, and Ottawa. You can learn more about ‘The Moxie experience’ from an interview Kryptonite did with them last summer here. Be sure to check out their music and each band’s social media accounts below.



The Moxies Facebook

As Time Fades Facebook

Molehill Facebook

New Moon Rising Facebook

Harlend Facebook

– Victoria

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