Review: The Moxies


Picture this: a dark, crowded, concert with people of all ages and all backgrounds.  Now picture them swinging each other around, dancing like its 1955 where songs about selfies don’t exist.  If you can picture this, then you can picture yourself at The Moxies concert, an experience that really makes you believe that rock n’ roll is the only music that should ever be played.

Prior to the show, we were lucky enough to sit down with The Moxies to find out more about them and their unique sound.


Formed in 2011, The Moxies are a rock n’ roll band from Cleveland, Ohio consisting of Marco Ciofani (vocals), Kevin Werfield (drums), and Tyler Adams (bass).  What really sets their music a part from other rock bands, though true rock bands are hard to come by now a days, is the fact that they each have their own style.  Marco gravitates towards 50s surf, while Kevin prefers soul and Tyler turns toward punk.  When these three different takes on rock are combined, you get The Moxies, the perfect blend of “rockabilly garage rock and gritty blues,” a genre of music that is not too common anymore, especially among younger generations.




When we asked this band of three what influences their music, they said, “Pontiac Grand Prixs, laser beams, tail fins, sonic booms, razor blades, lipstick, lipstick tubes, lightning storms, electricity, tornadoes, dirt, a lot of dirt, and beards.”  Yes, I was confused at first too, but it makes sense.  They said that these are all images that influence their songs, and Marco added that “when I write a song I’m writing it to a movie inside my head,” and that “you don’t have to be a good musician or songwriter, you don’t need expensive equipment… rock n’ roll is creative.”


“You want to write some edgy shit — now a days kids are writing about Patron in my cup or wrecking balls, weed, friday, white girl wasted, or the colors black and yellow — so sooner or later these kids are going to want something more to hold on to besides Patron and selfies so hopefully rock n’ roll bands will be there for them.”  If anything, The Moxies will be the rock n’ roll band there for them.







– Danielle Immerman

5 thoughts on “Review: The Moxies

  1. A very well-written article … which makes me want to check out The Moxies’ brand of rock ‘n’ roll!


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