Interview – Hold It Down

The following fill in the blanks come from Maryland rock quintet, Hold It Down. The band consists of members Grant Dawson (vocals), Ryan Evans (guitar), Patrick Williams (guitar), David Thompson (bass), and Billy McClean (drums). The band, hailing from Salisbury, was brought together by devoted musicians, Dawson and Evans. Their recently released debut single “Escape Route” will appear on their upcoming, untitled EP. Learn more about Hold It Down below and be sure to check out the lyric video for “Escape Route.”


Three words we’d use to describe us are….Straightforward, Animated, and Easy-going

The story/meaning behind our name Hold It Down is….It’s interesting; our name was actually the name of an old acoustic song that our vocalist Grant wrote called Hold It Down!

We met each other….Our band started in the summer of 2014 with our vocalist Grant Dawson and our former lead guitarist Ryan Evans. They both used to be part of a metal band based in northern Delaware together called ‘Beyond the Barrier’ and eventually that band went its separate ways due to opposing interests. With an urge to write music together again, both Grant and Ryan started discussing a plan for a new band, leading to the writing of our first Ep. Briefly after; our rhythm guitarist Patrick Williams, our drummer Billy McClean and our bassist David Thompson were added to the band. Eventually, Ryan Evans left the band by his own decision to pursue other interests. After months of writing, practicing, and rehearsal we were able to announce the band and begin to play shows. We have just completed recording our debut Ep tilted “Them Vs. I” with producer Andrew Baylis we plan to set a release date in the coming months. Currently, we play with our good friend Zach Paris who offered to lend us a hand and fill in on guitar during our shows.

The pickiest eater is….Well..our pickiest eater is probably Grant because we almost always go to an east coast based gas station called Wawa to get a quick bite to eat. Grant hates that we go there so much!

The most OCD member is….We all have a bit of OCD qualities, in our practice space there are a lot of odds and ends things laying around we have to have them in a certain order but… if we have to choose… *cough* “Grant.”

For fun we like to….There is this really relaxed Italian restaurant outside of our drummer Billy’s house called Tim’s. It’s almost like a ritual that we eat there after practicing together. If we have any arguments we like to blame it on the fact that we probably haven’t been to Tim’s!

We’re currently listening to….Just about anything ranging from bands like Dance Gavin Dance to  Maroon 5 and anything in between!

Our favorite 90s jams include….We could definitely go all day listing 90’s tunes!

  • My name is – Eminem
  • Hypnotize – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Killing In the Name Of – Rage Against The Machine
  • All the Small Things – Blink 182

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is….Do not change the integrity of who you are just to be accepted by your peers.

Something odd we want our fans to know about us is….One of us drives a minivan…we won’t tell you who though!

“Escape Route” was recorded in….Summer 2014. It was produced by Andrew Baylis, and written by Grant Dawson and Ryan Evans.

Something we have learned from the recording process is….To make sure everyone in the band has an equal input in the songwriting. Every member in a band shares an important role and that combined creativity is what defines the “sound” of a band. That concept is what creates a team.

We’re absolutely terrified of….Spiders… or bees…bees are deadly.

Our last meals would be….A nice band dinner at Tim’s!

In the next six months you should expect….An announcement of a release date for our debut EP! Check us out and stay tuned!




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