Interview – Face Value

The following fill in the blanks come from Maryland pop punk band, Face Value. This quartet formed in 2011 and currently consists of members Alec Myers (vocals), Jeremiah Douglas (drums), Parker Ross (guitar) and Grayson Ross (bass). Influenced by artists such as Blink 182, All Time Low, Yellowcard, Tom Delonge, and Simple Plan, Face Value released their debut EP this past June. The record is titled Growing Up Young and consists of 9 different tracks. Learn more about the band from their responses and be sure to check out Growing Up Young below.

Face Value Promo 1

Three words we’d use to describe us are….Fun, Entertaining, and Randy. I think that best describes our group.

The story/meaning behind our name Face Value is….It’s the name of a song by a band called “With The Punches.” The song talks about seeing things at, you guessed it, Face Value. To us, Face Value means being yourself and not judging a person’s value from first glance. Life is more than just material things and how you look and who you want to look like. Don’t cover up who you really are; don’t think celebrities and magazines are a good representation of how you should live life. Just be you.

We met each other….After the departure of our lead guitarist and bassist, we were looking for new members for Face Value. While at a friend’s party in January of 2013, we were introduced to Parker by an inebriated Jacob Mcquay. Long story short, we talked about our favorite bands for hours, jammed together a couple times, found out Parker had a brother, and the line-up of Face Value was born.

The pickiest eater is….Maybe Gray? Textures bother him. For example, he likes yogurt, he likes grapes, he likes all things good. But if that spoonful of yogurt is too big or those grapes are too soft, we’re going to need a clean-up on aisle 3. He is missing out on pumpkin pie, that’s for sure.

The most OCD member is….Alec and Parker, hands down. Imagine that feeling you get when you’re leaning back in a chair and you’re about to fall backwards but you catch yourself at just the right moment. That’s how they feel a lot. Guess that would actually be anxiety? They’re wound tight.

For fun we like to….Play music. Tis definitely our favorite past time. Writing, playing, watching, listening, learning. It’s all the best. Other than music though, we like playing video games, hanging out with friends and family, snowboarding, swimming, skinny dipping, streaking, going to the beach, and watching Chopped on Netflix.

We’re currently listening to….When it comes to recently new releases, I’ve got Neck Deep’s “Life’s Not Out To Get You” and Knuckle Puck’s “Copacetic” on repeat at the moment. I’m also just listening to some Broadside (Kind of a new release) and Their / They’re / There.

Our favorite 90s jams include….Red Hot Chili Peppers, Third Eye Blind, Foo Fighters, some Dave Matthews Band, early Blink, early Green Day, Everclear (just the song “Wonderful”), Pearl Jam, even Nsync and Backstreet Boys. They were the shit when we were 9.

The first song we wrote together was….As the four of us, “Members Only.” I think it’s also one of our best songs. It really encapsulates our sound. It was also the first song we ever recorded together back in 2014 and we also re-recorded it for our album, “Growing Up Young.” Definitely one of our favorites off of the album.

Our favorite tracks to play live include….”Thank You, Buddy” is probably one of my (Jeremiah) favorite songs to play live. Fast, Boppy, Catchy, drop out/build up/jam in the bridge, and just down right fun to play. Members Only is pretty damn fun to play, too. It starts fast and doesn’t let up and I love jumping around like an idiot at the end (Gray).

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is….Any time you can relate it to during your life… whether it be sad, happy, fun, sexual. Our goal is for people to hear our music and it bring them back to a big moment in their lives. Also, have an open mind and be ready to get your jam on. There’s nothing better than finding new music. Finally, remember that Face Value is about being true to yourself and knowing who you are isn’t determined by all the stupid material shit and social media assurance people crave nowadays.

Something odd we want our fans to know about us is….We are probably 4 of the most incompatible, different guys we know, but somehow, someway we write music we all like and enjoy and are proud of. We love each other in a dysfunctional way.

We’re absolutely terrified of….Tarantulas and Centipedes, Gray can’t even look at them. Parker used to kill them by the masses when his bedroom was in the basement of their old house. Me and Park don’t know what Alec and Jeb are afraid of…

Our last meals would be….

  • I just ate a beef pot pie and fudge graham cookies. Amazing. (Jeb)
  • I made pulled-chicken on Sunday and it lasted me 4 days. I just finished it and I’m about to regurgitate. So much BBQ. So much chicken. So much pulling. (Gray)
  • A bag of party mix and before that, a tuna sandwich made by my girlfriend. (Park)

In the next six months you should expect….New stuff! New music, new merch, new music video, more shows around our hometown of Baltimore, Maryland and the surrounding area, lots of opportunities to come to a show, come say hi, watch Gray make small talk with someone in the crowd in between songs, and just a lot more of Face Value in your face.


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