Interview – Approaching Troy

The following fill in the blanks come from alternative rock band, Approaching Troy. This Long Island-based quintet originated in 2013 from vocalist Jake Salazar’s solo project. Inspired by other local acts such as Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, Approaching Troy storms the alternative scene with their own melodic punk rock approach. The band released their EP, Dear Sadie, in May of 2015 and immediately set out on a US summer tour to support the release. Learn more about Approaching Troy from their responses and be sure to check out Dear Sadie below.

ApproachingTroy Cover EP

Three words we’d use to describe us are…energetic, complex and detailed.

The story/meaning behind our name Approaching Troy is….Everybody always asks us but the story/meaning behind our name Approaching Troy is pretty simple. What person isn’t influenced by greek mythology. I mean our name explains it all.

We met each other….In different ways. Dom and I met through college. He had went to a show that I happened to be playing at our school. He came up to me after the show and we talked for a while about music and really connected. We then decided to talk about possibly writing music together and that’s how Dom joined the band. Jay, Sean and Joe were all found through friends of friends, which was cool because they were all recently free to join a band.

The pickiest eater is…. By far Jake! He’s very concerned with what he puts into his body.

The most OCD member is….Probably Jay. He’s just very picky when it comes to playing his parts and just an overall very obsessive person when it comes to his gear. If there’s any little scratch or mark on his guitar, he freaks out.

For fun we like to….Play pranks on each other. If you go to our Instagram account (@approachingtroy) there are several different videos of us playing pranks on one another. We usually like to prank Sean because he’s really reserved and shy.

We’re currently listening to….Myka, Relocate, Mayday Parade, and Bring Me the Horizon especially since they just came out with a new albums. We can’t forget Pvris either. Their first album we can listen to over and over on tour.

Our favorite 90s jams include.…Anything. Third Eye Blind, Nirvana, Green Day or the Goo Goo Dolls. All classics for us.

Our favorite tracks to play live include…. “Dear Sadie,” “This Victory” and a new song called “Wake Up.” Really anything that’s upbeat in our arsenal of songs. It’s just more fun then the slower songs. Those songs get the crowd going which really fuels our performance a lot.

The first song we wrote together was…. “Dear Sadie.” A lot of different ideas had been thrown into that song. You can tell the different influences from post hardcore to pop punk and alternative rock featured.

Dear Sadie was recorded in….Long Island, NY with our good friend Anthony Paganini at MEI studios.

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is….Your thoughts are our voice. No matter who you are, we’ve most likely been through the same experience. It really makes us a family which is what we want everybody to feel.

Something odd we want our fans to know about us is….We were those weird kids in school. The outcasts, the quiet ones who stayed to ourselves. The kids who knew our time to shine wasn’t in high school.

We’re absolutely terrified that….Our fans will forget about us one day. Not because we feel the need to be popular or famous, but because our fans are our lives. We live for them because without them we are nothing. We are a family and it will always remain that way no matter how popular we may get.

Our last meals would be….A nice steak dinner with potatoes. I’m speaking for all of us when I say we’re all big fans of a nice steak.

In the next six months you should expect….A ton of weekend warrior tours and definitely some new songs. We are currently in the studio working on a new EP. It’s going to be a little different than Dear Sadie. A lot of those influences I mentioned earlier come out in this EP more than the last one we recorded. We’re so excited about this new EP. We don’t want to reveal anything but we found a great combination or writing styles that really worked well on this album.




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