Review: The Front Bottoms with The Smith Street Band & Elvis Depressedly

This past Friday, at the Cleveland Agora, The Front Bottoms returned to Cleveland. The last time they came, they performed at Mahall’s, a smaller Lakewood venue. Friday’s sold out show in the Agora Theatre, was the biggest show The Front Bottoms had ever played. They brought with them, Australia’s The Smith Street Band and South Carolina’s Elvis Depressedly.

South Carolina-based indie band, Elvis Depressedly, opened the show with their mellow, dreamscape qualities. A few songs into the set, vocalist Mat Cothran pulled a beer and recently purchased, thrift store duck from his back pocket. The highlight of their set was the concluding track to their latest record, “wastes of time.” Up next was The Smith Street Band, who brought an insane amount of energy to the stage. Each of their songs bled into the next, virtually creating a seamless set of headbanging and bouncing in the pit. This was also the largest US show for The Smith Street Band. The highlight of their set was the performance of “Throw Me in the River.”

Finally, The Front Bottoms emerged on the stage, lit by strings of lights and blow up letters. The majority of their lengthy set was from their latest release, Back On Top. The record was released only a month ago, yet dedicated fans shouted the lyrics like this was a tenth anniversary show. Highlights of their set included the performance of their older hits, “Flashlight” and “Skeleton.” Their set also included the spotting of several costumed Waldo’s and the hurling of sweaty bras and flowers onto the stage. “Au Revoir” also intensified the crowd and even the balcony became one giant sing-along. Vocalist Brian Sella hopped and shuffled around the stage in his bright orange socks the whole night. If any word were to describe the entirety of their set, there’s no doubt it would be ‘emotional.’ This being The Front Bottoms’ largest show, they were stoked to say the least. The band was clearly grateful and humbled by the crowd’s response. We cannot wait for them to return and sell out another Cleveland venue. In the meantime, make sure you check out Back On Top and some music videos below.




The Front Bottoms Facebook | The Smith Street Band Facebook | Elvis Depressedly Facebook

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