Interview – Renaissance Kids

The following fill in the blank responses come from metalcore band, Renaissance Kids. The duo, Christian Blakeli (vocals/drums/keys) and Nikko Vincent (vocals/guitars/bass), formed only this past July. Refusing to waste any time, they got to work in the studio and shortly after released their debut EP, Another Life. The 4-track record was released on November 24th. The band is about ‘letting go of the past, forgetting the future, and embracing the present.’ Learn more about Renaissance Kids from their responses and be sure to check out their music below.

Renaissance Kids Promo copy

Three words we’d use to describe us are….Pretty rad, dude!

The story/meaning behind our name Renaissance Kids is…Renaissance Kids is about letting go of the past, forgetting the future, and living right now. It’s easier in theory, but who ever said life would be easy? We wanted to shed our previous lives and begin something symbolic for the both of us. A new beginning, a rebirth. It’s about bringing on a renaissance in not only your life, but other’s too. We’re changing things up, and the name seemed very fitting for what we’re doing. There was no second guessing the name. We knew exactly what it was going to be from the start. We knew the music was going to be stretching microgenre norms from the first phone call. No matter how little or drastically we change from this, the music is still coming from the same minds. And the name rolls off the tongue. Who doesn’t wanna be a Renaissance Kid?

We met each other….Before we met, I only knew of him from my bandmates as Shaggy, this drummer dude with one of those hippie busses that looked like Scoob’s pal, right? When our previous project was looking for a drummer a few months after, my bandmates are like “We got a hold of Shaggy, he’s stepping in at practice.” When I met the dude, he looked completely different than I expected, you could tell that he totally changed up his vibe. He just showed up with a box of donuts and smokes ready to own it! And obviously, if you couldn’t already tell, he killed it. So we’re leaving the practice place to go to 16th Street in Downtown Denver and I’m like “Hey, i’ll ride with Christian!” Hanging out and getting to the know the new guy with a box of donuts? I’m totally down. Turned out we had a ton in common, we were the strangest opposites that just clicked perfectly. When the band got a house together, Christian had his own place. But that didn’t stop him from being at our house almost every morning working on homework or music. Working overnights, I was always coming home to him hanging out; it reminded me of Rob Schneider’s character in Surf Ninjas! “What are you doing in my home?” “Ya want some chives in your omelet?” It’s always been a good time. So here we are now, the Renaissance Kids in action.

The pickiest eater is….Christian. That dude and his food are on another level. When we were in Arizona recording Another Life, I don’t recall what we were looking for but he insisted on driving to three gas stations to find it! He’s a man on a mission. But hey, you gotta indulge in your pleasures and get what you want, man. There’s no point in doing things the easy way, whether it’s something as big as music or as small as food. Do what you enjoy and don’t half-ass it.

The most OCD member is….This is where our differences really shine! Christian, for the record. I try to keep myself organized, sure, but there’s no way I can take this one. Just make sure you put things back exactly as they were hah.

For fun we like to….We’re huge gamers. Don’t get us started on World of Warcraft or League of Legends. I’ll catch myself standing at his door for ten minutes before he answers because he’s stuck in a League of Legends match. Classic J-RPGs and side scrollers are my lifeblood. Aside from that, I’m really into cooking Mexican food, far east horror cinema, and I’ve got a pretty big fascination with cryptozoology and documentaries. I love guitar pedal expirementation. I’ve been really wanting to get my hands on a Viscous Vibe by TC Electronics; they sounds so excellent. Lately I’ve been finding enjoyment and release through running. That runner’s high you get is great, especially when you’re running to something like Bring Me the Horizon or Babymetal.

We’re currently listening to….I’ve been listening to Hysteric Panic, Wage War, Yellow Machine Gun, Ghost, Chon, The Walls We Weaken, A Lot Like Birds, Nocturnal Bloodlust, Dance Gavin Dance, and Meridian.

Our favorite 90s jams include….Oh dude, I love chilling out and getting creative to darkwave like Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence, tons of Morrissey, lots of Manson, Snoop’s Doggystyle album in it’s entirety, Ice Cube’s Check Yo Self, Goldfinger’s Superman, Rotting Out & I Won’t Let Me by Descendents, Haddaway’s What is Love, Seal’s Kiss From A Rose, beatboxing to Korn’s Freak on a Leash, L’Arc-en-Ciel’s Driver’s High, Nirvana’s Turnaround, Biggie’s Big Poppa, Weezer’s El Scorcho, The Pixies’ Where Is My Mind… There’s so many awesome tracks that I can’t just put them all into this one list from the top of my mind. Two of my all time favorites that I can listen to on repeat are Cypress Hill’s Hits From the Bong and the Little Busters album from Japan’s The Pillows!

Our favorite tracks to play live include….Undertow and I Can See Everything get me so pumped when we play them. The wave of energy released from the chorus of Undertow alone is really something else. The way we call-and-response our vocals makes every track exciting because you’re reflecting this wave of energy back and forth like clockwork.

The first song we wrote together was….Undertow.Once we got that ball rolling, every idea was new and fit like we were connecting the dots. The process of creating the song was like using a Ouija board, everything just kept flowing to us at a pretty unbelievable rate.

Another Life was recorded in….It was recorded at Chango Studios by Cameron Mizell in Glendale, AZ. It was an awesome drive down to Arizona but on the way back things got a little sketchy.

One thing we want you to remember while listening to our music is….Break the song apart, listen in different orders, discover multiple stories. Sing along and discover yourself.

Something odd we want our fans to know about us is….We have full conversations with each other in totally outlandish and strange voices and ended up pulling Cam into it when we were in the studio! We never stop laughing, man. We’re always having a great time joking around and I think that positive energy bounced off each other has not only been influential on lightening situations, but has been uplifting both personally and musically.

We’re absolutely terrified of….Everyone’s afraid of tech difficulties. We’ve all been there. But I think the wildlife in Colorado’s mountains deserves an honorable mention. Mostly everything else to fear is manageable. But those elk, dude. We had a pretty crazy experience in Vail at 4am on the way back from Arizona. We were driving in the left lane and I noticed this majestic druid looking beast standing proud in the other lane. These roads were small and windy, too. You know, those Colorado mountain roads. We were at that point where we were both exhausted and after 30 minutes of not talking and just chilling out, we pass him with maybe six inches to spare and as we were passing him, I was like “Hey, buddy. So really, don’t freak out now, but stay in the lane because there’s an elk..” A few seconds passed before the repeated broken record exchange happened. I’m not sure how many times we stated “Did you see that?” but it was enough to get us both to go pale. Time froze and I was thinking “If he swerves to the left, we’re going off the mountain. If he swerves right, I’m a goner.” Oh man, that elk was so majestic, though. I’d never seen anything like that in my life. Getting the full view from the passenger side was really something else.

Our last meals would be….I’m so going for green chile and homemade tortillas with a bowl of jasmine rice and some oolong tea. I’ve come prepared with this one!

In the next six months you should expect….We’re going to release a sophomore EP, show schedule, a few videos, and some most excellent merch for you to get your hands on… We’re building so much, that it’ll be easier to tell you what we won’t do: We’re not going to slow down. So enjoy the ride and keep up with us!



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