Safe, So Simple : Too Close to Closure

Safe, So Simple are an up-and-coming pop punk/easycore quartet, based from Benson, Arizona. The group proclaimed that they ‘like fart jokes way too much,’ and this lively, carefree description of themselves readily correlates with the energetic sounds of their new EP, Too Close to Closure.

I’ll admit that with the first track, “Within Reach,” being only a minute long and consisting mainly of the same lyric being screamed, I was a bit skeptical at first. However, once I delved further into the 15 minute EP, my doubt faded and I was quite impressed. The fourth song “Welp, Better Luck Next Year” was my personal favorite, as it was the first to show distinct shifts in sounds throughout the track.

Though the sonics were all quite similar throughout (strong drum beats, driven guitar riffs, powerful vocals), overall, the EP was still enjoyable, but what caught my attention most was the complex lyrical developments. All through the release, there were relatable messages regarding life lessons like finding yourself, ending relationships, and everything in between. As said in the third song “Teeth Like Sharks,” vocalist Josh Striffolino  declared himself the ‘king of taking chances,’ which is showcased in the full EP itself, with its bold verses and jumping mixture of harmonizing singing and screaming. 

Despite my rocky feelings at the start of listening to Too Close to Closure, by the end, I was altogether fulfilled. I can honestly say that I’m excited to hear more from Safe, So Simple.

Be sure to check out their new music video for “Teeth Like Sharks” below.

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